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  • Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln
    President needed to demonstrate the success of the Union war effort before the Northern public lost confidence in his administration
  • Generals in command

    Generals in command
    abraham replacement of Buell had not stimulated Major General George B. McClellan into action, he issued orders to replace McClellan in command of the Army of the Potomac in Virginia.
  • burnside

    Burnside, now in command of the Army of the Potomac,
  • Formation

    Longstreet's corps had arrived and Lee placed them on the ridge known as Marye's Heights to the west of town, with Anderson's division on the far left, McLaws's directly behind the town, and Pickett's and Hood's to the right
  • Preparing for battle

    Jackson arrived at Lee's headquarters and his divisions were deployed to prevent Burnside crossing downstream from Fredericksburg,n Hill's division moved to Port Royal, 18 miles down river; Early's 12 miles down river at Skinker's Neck; Hill's at Thomas Yerby's house, Belvoir, about 6 miles southeast of town; and Taliaferro's along the Railroad, 4 miles south at Guinea Station.
  • First day of battle

    First day of battle
    Fredericksburg, Virginia, between General Robert E. Lee's Confederate Army of Northern Virginia and the Union Army of the Potomac
  • confederate army

    confederate army
    Confederate sniper fire delays completion of Federal pontoon bridges.
  • confederate snipers

    confederate snipers
    Federal artillery attempts to drive away Confederate sharpshooters but without success.
  • Union

    union Infantry cross river in boats and force Confederates out of Fredericksburg
  • Franklin and Stonewall

    Franklin and Stonewall
    the "grand division" of Major General William B. Franklin was able to pierce the first defensive line of Confederate General Stonewall Jackson to the south, but was finally repulsed. Burnside ordered the grand divisions of Major General Edwin V. Sumner and Joseph Hooker to make multiple frontal assaults against Lt. Gen. James Longstreet's position on Marye's Heights,
  • federal bombardment

    Following a Federal Bombardment, Meade attacks and is repulsed
  • Gibbons attack

    Gibbon attacks in support of Meade, capturing railroad
  • Gibbons retreat

    Gibbon retreats before Confederate reinforcements
  • End of the battle of fredericksburg

    End of the battle of fredericksburg
    the confederacy won