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  • Chapter one

    Victor's Father married Caroline. Elizabeth is taken into the family and Victor promises to love and protect her forever. He's a curious kid with a relatively normal childhood.
  • Chapter two

    Victor meets Henry Clerval. Victor's fascination for science begins, he also gains an obsession with glory. Filial love developed. Sometimes violent temper, and eagerness to learn.
  • Chapter three

    Victor's mother dies. Victor attends Ingolstadt University. Elizabeth dies from scarlet fever. Those were his first misfortune of his life pointed to future misery. Excited to learn at university.
  • Chapter four

    Victor starts to study natural philosophy and chemistry more in depth. He starts to assemble the dead limbs from the graveyard and proceeds to bringing the creature to life. Applies curiosity and knowledge for scientific revolution. Hes still naive yet more ambitious, intelligent and obsessed.
  • Chapter five

    Victor created the monster but got scared with it's disgusting exterior so he ran away from it. Henry Clerval returns to Ingolstadt. Victor gets sick from anxiety and Clerval takes care of him. Less naive although anxious, scared, and experienced.
  • Chapter six

    Elizabeth’s letter expresses her concern about Victor’s illness and entreats him to write to his family in Geneva as soon as he can. "Justine has just returned to us; and I assure you I love her tenderly." Victor is sick and emotional because of what has been happening.
  • Chapter seven

    On their return to the university, Victor finds a letter from his father telling him that Victor’s youngest brother, William, has been murdered. "I wept like a child. "Dear mountains! my own beautiful lake! how do you welcome your wanderer?" Victor is grieving and is scared because he knows who is responsible for his brothers death.
  • Chapter eight

    Justine confesses to the crime, believing that she will thereby gain salvation, but tells Elizabeth and Victor that she is innocent and miserable. "The appearance of Justine was calm. She was dressed in mourning, and her countenance, always engaging, was rendered, by the solemnity of her feelings, exquisitely beautiful." Victor doesn't know what do to because Justine is innocent.
  • Chapter nine

    After Justine’s execution, Victor becomes increasingly melancholy. He considers suicide but restrains himself by thinking of Elizabeth and his father. "When I reflected on his crimes and malice, my hatred and revenge burst all bounds of moderation." Victor is extremely sad.
  • Chapter ten

    On a rainy day Victor goes on a walk and goes on a glacier, he sees the monster running at him at full speed. When the monster gets there he tells Victor to accompany him to a cave where he tells him about his life. "They elevated me from all littleness of feeling, and although they did not remove my grief, they subdued and tranquilized it." Nature soothes Victor's pain.
  • Chapter eleven

    Sitting by the fire in his hut, the monster tells Victor of the confusion that he experienced upon being created. "Felt sensations of a peculiar and overpowering nature; they were a mixture of pain and pleasure, such as I had never before experienced, either from hunger or cold, warmth or food; and I withdrew from the window, unable to bear these emotions." Victor listens to the monsters story.
  • Chapter twelve

    Observing his neighbors for an extended period of time, the monster notices that they often seem unhappy, he eventually realizes that their despair results from their poverty, to which he has been contributing by stealing their food. Lacey's lack nothing, as they have a "delightful house" and every "luxury": fire for warmth, "delicious viands" when they were hungry, "excellent" clothes, companionship and conversation, and "looks of affection and kindness.
  • Chapter thirteen

    As winter thaws into spring, the monster notices that the cottagers, particularly Felix, seem unhappy. "Of my creator I was absolutely ignorant, but I knew that I possessed no money, no friends, no property. I was not even of the same nature as man."
  • Chapter fourteen

    After some time, the monster’s constant eavesdropping allows him to reconstruct the history of the cottagers. Agatha who was "ranked with ladies of the highest distinction."
  • Chapter fifteen

    While foraging for food in the woods around the cottage one night, the monster found an abandoned leather satchel containing some clothes and books. Since he was eager to learn more about the world he took the books to his hovel and started to read. He found many similarities in the book and his life.
  • Chapter sixteen

    Because he got rejected by the cottagers, the monster swears to revenge himself against all human beings, particularly Victor (his creator) He starts his long journey to Geneva.
  • Chapter eighteen

    Victor didn't know if the monster would follow or stay behind. He thought that the monster would follow so he leaves Geneva knowing what he would have to do. He would have to repeat his terrible experiment once more.
  • Chapter nineteen

    Victor and Henry journey through England and Scotland, but Victor grows impatient to begin his work and free himself of his bond to the monster.
  • Chapter twenty

    While working one night Victor begins to think about what might happen after he finishes his new creation. He gets scared at the thought that his new creature might not want to seclude herself, as the monster had promised, or that the two creatures might have children, creating “a race of devils on the earth.”
  • Chapter twenty one

    The towns people accuse Victor of murder, when Victor saw the body, that belonged to Henry, he was horrified because he saw the black marks of the monsters hands on his neck. He falls ill.
  • Chapter twenty two

    Victor receives a letter from Elizabeth, she is worries and asks him if he is in love with another, by which Victor responds that she is the source of his happiness. Victor is positive that the monster will attack on his wedding day. "This letter revived in my memory what I had before forgotten, the threat of the fiend--"I WILL BE WITH YOU ON YOUR WEDDING-NIGHT!"
  • Chapter twenty three

    Victor and Elizabeth go to a cottage where Victor looks for the monster leaving his newly wife in the room a few seconds later he hears her scream and realizes that the monster was not trying to kill him that day. Victor goes back to Geneva and tells his father the gruesome news, which results in his father dying a few days later. Victor decides to devote the rest of his life to finding and destroying the monster.
  • Chapter twenty four

    With his whole family destroyed, Victor leaves Geneva and the bad memories behind forever. He tracks down the monster for months finding the tracks that he leaves for him to taunt. Victor doesn't care about anything but to destroy the monster because now like his creating he finds himself completely alone in the world. "Driven by their hatred, the two monsters—Victor and his creation—move farther and farther away from human society and sanity."
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