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  • AD 1

    The Frankenstein's adopt Elizabeth

    When Victor is five he meets Elizabeth his step-sister and he become super charming with he became to him a "more than sister (34). Elizabeth mothers dies when victor is young.(35)
  • 2

    Victor becomes very interested in the mysterious natural world

    Victor witnessed a Tree getting struck by lightning and is infatuated with science (40). Victor meets Henry's childhood best friend,Victor shares a close friendship with Henry Clerval, his well-read schoolmate. Like Victor, Clerval possesses a "soaring ambition" to leave his mark on human history.(39).
  • 3

    Victor's mom passes away

    Just before Victor turns seventeen, Elizabeth catches scarlet fever and passes it on to Victor's mother, who dies. Her dying wish is for Victor and Elizabeth to marry(43) He goes to college and finds a huge interest in Science (45).
  • 4

    Begins his construction of the Monster

    Victor is fascinated by the creation of the human life creature. He ignores his social life, friends and study to create this monster he become obsessed with this creation and would work on it every day and night. He's cut off from society, Victor seeks glory rather than what's best for society.(50).
  • 5

    Victor finally finishes his creation

    The monster is alive, he collects what he needs and prepares to animate the man he has created from bits and parts(56) Victor abandons his creation because it's ugly he imagines that it's evil. Victor's innocent belief in himself is gone.Victor hears that the creature said something which makes him scared and runs away from the problem (59).
  • 5

    Victor's Character development

    His character first appears as charming such a noble boy but when science is introduced, his world changed. He became infatuated with the natural world. From then on his character became creepy and obsessed.
  • 6

    Elizabeth has some Concerns for Victor

    Elizabeth becomes to have some concerns for Victor ever since he created his creature because Victor became paranoid and has guilt within him because of the Monster. " Clerval writes that indeed you are getting better...I eagerly hope that you will confirm this" ( 62)
  • 7

    Alphonse's Letter

    Victor receives a letter from his father telling him about the death of William, Victors younger brother. Henry then looks at the letter and wonders what Victor should do next. ( pg. 69-71) " William is dead! that sweet child, whose smiles jelighted and warmed my hear, who was gentle, yet so gay! Victor, he is murdered!" (69)
  • 8

    Trail of Justine

    Justine admits to being guilty of killing William although that was lie because the monster killed William, Victor could confess everything but instead he chooses silence and isolation. " Justine was called on for her defense. As the trial proceeded, her countenance had altered". (79)
  • 9

    Victor finds comfort with nature

    Victor find comfort with nature he goes to the forest and reflex.
    " My wanderings were directed towards the valley of Chamounix" (90)
  • 10

    Creature convinces Victor to hear his story

    Once Victor climbs to the peak of a mountain called Montanvert, but just as the view begins to lift his spirits, Victor sees the monster. " I demand this for you hear my tale; it is long and strange, and the temperature of this place is not fitting to your fine sensations; come to the hut upon the mountain." (97)
  • 11

    The monster finds the family from the cabin

    The monster finds the family from the cabin as he's walking through the forest. " The family, after having been thus occupied for a short time, extinguished their lights and retired, as I conjectured, to rest."
    ( 104)
  • 12

    Wood Gatherer

    After the creature realizes that the family that he is stealing from is in fact being saddened by their poverty the creature helps Felix by gathering wood and putting it on their doorstep so that Felix won't have to do it. " They placed food before the old man when they reserved none for themselves." (106"
  • 13

    The Monster learns the Language

    "While I improved in speech I also learned the science of letters as it was taught to the stranger, and this opened before me a wide field for wonder and delight." (113)
  • 14

    Frankenstein's Monster tells about how Safie's father was sentenced to death

    " The father of Safie had been the cause of their ruin...for some reason which I could not learn, he became obnoxious to the government" (117)
  • 14

    Victor's character development

    Victor has a big ego in the beginning of chapter 6 with all his ambition towards creating his monster. After his monster is finished he begins to have so much guilt within him and is always paranoid of his creature of what the creature is going to do next since the creature killed William his brother. Victor just wants to runaway and doesn't want anything to do with the creature.
  • 15

    The Monster finds a book called " Paradise Lost"

    The monster finds a book in the cotton called " Paradise Lost" and begins to read it finds much similarity between the story and his own situation.The monster loses his innocence after being abandoned by his "god," Victor. Victor hasn't acted like a god, but like a flawed man, and thereby made the monster a devil. (pg. 122)
  • 16

    The Monster burns down the cottage

    His last link with society destroyed since the people from the cottage move out, the monster gives in to rage and a desire for revenge.He was left in pain so he decides burns down the cottage and heads for Geneva and Victor.( 132-133)
  • 17

    The monster demands Victor to build a female monster companion

    The monster tells Victor that it is his right to have a female monster companion. Victor refuses at first, but the monster appeals to Victor’s sense of responsibility as his creator. He tells Victor that all of his evil actions have been the result of a desperate loneliness. (139)
  • 18

    Victor is building the other Monster

    Victor decides to go to England for some research involving the Monster not only that but he uses that as an excuse of putting his and Elizabeth's wedding. (143)
  • 19

    Victor isolates himself from society

    Victor leaves Clerval with a friend and travels on alone. Victor begins to isolate himself from society because he begins to be caught up with his new creation. (pg. 157)
  • 20

    Victor destroys his creature work

    Victor worries that the new creature he's creating might refuse to live away from humans, or that the two monsters might produce a "race of devils." Just then he looks up and sees the monster "grinning" at the window, just then Victor destroys his work. (159)
  • 20

    Victor's character development

    Victor 's character development in these chapters, Victor begins to isolate himself from society. Whenever he becomes isolate, he makes bad, reckless decisions that cause disaster for the society and for his love ones.
  • 21

    The accusation of Henry death is another factor that pushes Victor into Isolation

    "I thank you, but all that you mention is nothing to me: on the whole earth there is no comfort which I am capable of receiving." (Pg.171)
  • 22

    "I thank you, but all that you mention is nothing to me: on the whole earth there is no comfort which I am capable of receiving

    "Justine, poor unhappy Justine, was as innocent as I, and she suffered the same charge; she died for it; and I am the cause of this- I murdered her. William, Justine, and Henry- they all died by my hands."( page 176)
    This quote describes Frankenstein's Isolation because of his grief of his friends and family's deaths from the monster he created.
  • 23

    The creature kills Elizabeth on their wedding night

    The creature shows his monstrosity by killing the person that Victor loved the most.
    "She was there, lifeless and inanimate, thrown across the bed, her head hanging down and her pale and distorted features half covered by her hair." (Pg.186)
  • 24

    The monster feels isolated once Victor dies

    But soon I shall die, and what I now feel be no longer felt." (page 211)
    The monster has hated his creator for so long that when the reality of his creator dying hit him, he realized the wrong that he had done and that he was now truly alone.
  • 24

    Victor's Character Development

    Towards the end of the novel, having chased his creation ever northward, Victor relates his story to Robert Walton and then dies. With its multiple narrators and, hence, multiple perspectives, the novel leaves the reader with contrasting interpretations of Victor.
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    In a letter on September 2, Walton tells Margaret that his ship and crew are in grave danger,Just as Victor lost his innocence and realized the dangers of his ambition, so too does Walton. n a letter on September 7, Walton says he has agreed to the crew's demand to turn back. He considers what has happened an injustice. (pg.221)