Frankenstein - Tennent

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  • AD 1

    Elizabeth is adopted

    Elizabeth is adopted by the Frankenstein's in Italy during their trip while they were looking through poor communities. Pg.33-34
  • AD 1

    Beaufort becomes impoverished

    Beaufort, a friend of Victor's dad, is a merchant and becomes impoverished. He shortly becomes ill and his daughter Caroline takes care of him. Caroline soon marries victor's father. pg.31-32
  • 2

    Victor sees a tree get hit by lightning

    Victor is at his house near Belrive and sees a tree get hit by lightning during a thunderstorm. pg.40
  • 2

    Victor's thirst for knowledge grows as he studies writers

    Victor studies the writings of famous scientific authors and he begins to get inspired and becomes more and more ambitious. Pg.38-39
  • 3

    Elizabeth gets sick with scarlet fever and Frankenstein's mother dies

    Frankenstein's sister, Elizabeth, gets sick with scarlet fever. While nursing elizabeth, Caroline (frankenstein's mother) dies within a week. pg.42-43
  • 3

    Frankenstein leaves for university in Ingolstadt

    Frankenstein's parents send frankenstein to university in Ingolstadt. During his schooling in Ingolstadt, he meets M. Waldman who takes frankenstein on a tour that would decide his destiny. pg.47-48
  • 4

    Victor discovers the secret to life and runs with it

    Victor become swell known in his university and works days and night to figure out the mysteries of regeneration. Soon he learns the secrets of regeneration and is overwhelmed by it's power. He soon does tests and abs to determine his theories and his
  • 4

    Victor works day and night to uncover the mystery of regeneration

    Victor, with his spirits up, is excited while trying to discover if his theory of regeneration is correct. he works throughout the summer months to figure this out. pg.53
  • 5

    Victor's Character Development

    Throughout chapters 1-5, you can tell Victor is really all about his studies and his work in human anatomy and regeneration. he works day and night in order to complete his studies which proves he's a hard worker. But sometime sit seems a bit repetitive or like he might get addicted to it. In chapters 1-5, Victor is really studious and consistent in his work.
  • 5

    Victor thinks he has failed in his mission to create the monster

    Victor expresses his anger and sadness and he thinks that the experiment has not worked. He soon finds out that the monster did come to life, but he becomes scared and disgusted of the monster and it's features even though he created it. He is disgusted by his own creation. pg.56-57
  • 5

    Victor meets with Clerval

    Victor meets with Clerval and talks with him about his family since he hasn't seen them is so long. He asks Clerval if they're alright and he says yes but tells Victor Frankenstein that they have been uneasy and worried since Victor has been gone so long and hasn't really communicated with them regularly. pg.58
  • 6

    Victor's teacher speaks with him and Clerval

    "'Why, M. Clerval, I assure you he has outstripped us all...' continued he, observing my face expressing suffering." (Pg. 66)
  • 7

    Victor spots the monster in the forest

    "A flash of lighting illuminated the object and discovered its shape plainly to me; its gigantic stature, and the deformity of its aspect..." (pg.73)
  • 8

    Justine is on trial for murder

    "A thousand times rather would I have confessed myself guilty of the crime ascribed to Justine."(pg 78)
  • 9

    Victor retreats to nature

    " It was during an access of this kind that I suddenly left my home, and bending my steps towards the near Alpine valleys, sought in the magnificence, the eternity of such scenes, to forget myself and my ephemeral, because human, sorrows." (pg.89)
  • 10

    The creature begins to tell his tale

    "But I consented to listen; and, seating myself by the fire which my odious companion had lighted, he thus began his tale." Page 97
  • 11

    The monster finds the cottage

    "It was a lovely sight, even to me, poor wretch who had never beheld aught beautiful before." page 103
  • 12

    The monster learns to speak

    "These thoughts exhilarated me and led me to apply with fresh ardor to the acquiring the art of language." (Pg.109)
  • 13

    Safie comes to the village and doesn't speak their language

    "The lady was dressed in a dark suit and covered with a thick black veil. Agitha asked a question, to which the stranger only replied by pronouncing, in a sweet accent, the name of Felix" (pg. 111)
  • 14

    The demise of Felix

    "The government of France were greatly enraged at the escape of their victim and spared no pains to detect and punish his deliverer. The plot of Felix was quickly discovered, and De Lacey and Agatha were thrown into prison." (Pg. 120)
  • 14

    Victor's character development

    In chapters 1-5, victor is already pretty careless when it comes to his creation, the monster, but in between chapters 6-14, you can sort of see him become increasingly oblivious to the situation he may put others in because of his creation. Between chapters 6-14, Victor expresses that his guilt of not speaking out was bigger than what Justine was going through and tries to justify everything that he does out of guilt which shows his carelessness increase as the story goes on.
  • 15

    The monster learns how to read

    The creature that Victor created, the monster, learns how to read by collecting articles of clothing and other finds nearby his "protectors" hovel after he learns how to speak and articulate his feelings. pg.122
  • 16

    Felix and his family leave the cottage and the monster

    Felix decides to leave the cottage because his father becomes ill and he needs the best care he can get for his father meaning he has to go far to search for the proper treatments and leave the cottage. The monster doesn't really know what to make of this because he's been under the are of the family and is terrified to le them leave. pg.132
  • 17

    The monster wants Victor to create a female companion for him

    After the monster is done explain his story/tale to Victor, the creature proposes the idea that Victor create another companion just like him only a female so that he will no longer be alone. Victor is obviously raged when the monster says this to him because he thinks about what the monster has already done and thinks that if he creates another monster, they'll both do the same things but worse. pg.138
  • 18

    Victor debates on whether he should create another monster

    Victors s already enraged of the thought of creating another monster for a companion for the monster he already created. He is enraged because he thinks that the two monsters are just going to kill everyone and cause mischief. At the same time he wants to create it just so see how it will turn out and to continue his addictive studies. pg.143
  • 19

    Vitcor decides to create the monster and seeks information

    Victor travels to London to gain information for his studies for creating another monster. While on his journey he expresses that his mind was now only focused on gaining information on his studies. pg.151
  • 20

    Vitcor decides not to create the companion for the monster

    Victor is in London reflecting on his thoughts about what he is doing in London. He starts to think that even thought the monster agrees to go into hiding with the new monster, the new monster he is creating will have a mind of her own and may not comply with what the original monster wants or what Victor wants. This causes him to decide not to create the monster. pg.158
  • 20

    Victor's Character Development

    Although victor only thinks about his perspective and his thoughts, he becomes a bit more reflective and logical when deciding fates. For example, the monster wants Victor to create another monster. Victor agrees to do it out of fear that the monster will do something terrible if he doesn't and also because deep inside he wants to cerate another monster out of curiosity. But after weighing out the pros and the cons during his trip he decides that it's not beneficial to create another monster.
  • 21

    Victor finds out that the monster will be there on his wedding night

    "On that night he had determined to consummate his crimes by my death." pg. 167
  • 22

    Victor lands in Paris

    "We landed, and proceeded to Paris. I soon found that I had overtaxed my strength and that I must repose before I continue my journey." - pg.176
  • 22

    Victor's Character Development

    "Justine, poor unhappy Justine, was as innocent as I, and she suffered the same charge: she died for it: and I am the cause of this-..." - pg.176. This quote shows how Victor is slowly changing his perspective from his own to others. Although he still is sort of self centered when he says "Justine, was as innocent as I,..", at least he acknowledges that he has a part or role in this.
  • 23

    The monster murders Elizabeth

    "The murderous mark of the fiend's grasp was on her neck, and the breath had ceased to issue from her lips." Page 186
  • 24

    Victor decides to go after the monster

    "I took my passage in the same ship, but he escaped, I know not how" Pg. 193
  • 24

    Robert Waltons ship is surrounded by Icebergs

    "I am surrounded by mountains of ice which admit of no escape and threaten every moment to crush my vessel. The brave fellows whom I have persuaded to be my companions look towards me for aid, but I have none to bestow." - Pg.202
  • Period:
    AD 1