Foreign and Domestic Policies 1970s

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  • The 1964 Civil Rights Act

    The 1964 Civil Rights Act
    Banned different voter circumstances for different races or classes. Literacy tests? BANNED!
  • Nixon Doctrine 1969

    Us was to aid allies and honor treaties including protection from nuclear weapons.
    Low riskers they were on their own.
  • Clean Air Act of 1970

    Clean Air Act of 1970
    To combat worry over eviromental issues the extensions to the actual act was passed with stricter laws.
  • Stratigic Arms Limitation Treaty

    To subdue and slow down yet another arms race threat
  • Clean Water Act

    Clean Water Act
    nother combatt to enviroment worries.
  • State and Local Assistance Act of 1972

    Nixon passed this in aid to his new federalism idea
  • Death Penalty

    Authorized the death penalty for murder, rape and other offenses, and implemented trial procedures to conform to constitutional requirements.
  • Supported Turkey during Cyrpus War

    Supported Turkey during Cyrpus War
  • "Whip inflation now" Ford

    "Whip inflation now" Ford
  • Put pressure on Isreal to compromise after the Yom Kippur War

  • (OES) Bureau of Oceans and International Envirmonets and Scientific Affairs

    A way to fight enviromental worries worldwide.
  • Ford pushed Spanish gov't to renege promise of independence for Western Sahara

    Ford pushed Spanish gov't to renege promise of independence for Western Sahara
  • Ford; orginized emergency military evacuation from Vietnam

    Ford; orginized emergency military evacuation from Vietnam
  • Handicapped Children Act

    Handicapped Children Act
  • Tax Reduction Act

    Tax Reduction Act
  • Carter's Human Rights Gambits

    Carter's Human Rights Gambits
    Carter came to the White House determined to make human rights considerations integral to U.S. foreign policy.The President and his advisers denounced human rights violations by the Soviet Union and its East European allies.On the other hand, the Carter administration toned down its human-rights based criticisms of the Soviet Union after the Brezhnev government threatened to end arms control talks
  • U.S. Energy Crisis

    U.S. Energy Crisis
    One major events during the presidency of Jimmy Carter were with energy issues. On March 29th,1979 the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant overheated and low-level radioactive gases were released into the atmosphere
  • Panama Canal Treaty

    Panama Canal Treaty
    On September 7, 1977, President Jimmy Carter signed the Panama Canal Treaty and Neutrality Treaty promising to give control of the canal to the Panamanians by the year 2000.
  • EPA Love Canal Superfund

    n 1978, Carter declared a federal emergency in the neighborhood of Love Canal in the city of Niagara Falls, New York.The Superfund law was created in response to the situation.
  • The Camp David Accords

    The Camp David Accords
    Egypt and Syria, the Israelis still occupied Egyptian territory. Carter invited Israel's Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egypt's President Anwar Sadat to sit down with Carter at Camp David, a rural presidential retreat outside Washington.
  • Airline Deregulaiton Act

    The main purpose of the act was to remove government control over fares, routes and market entry (of new airlines) from commercial aviation.
  • Energy Security Act

    Energy Security Act
    The deregulation of oil and natural gas prices that resulted would lead to a vast increase in the supply of energy in the 1980s, and consequently a lowering of prices.
  • Jimmy Carter Elected as President of the United States

    Jimmy Carter Elected as President of the United States
    Carter believed that American power should be exercised sparingly and that the United States should avoid military interventions as much as possible. He also hoped that American relations with the Soviet Union would continue to improve and that the two nations could come to economic and arms control agreements that would relax Cold War tensions.
  • Carter and China

    Carter and China
    Carter unilaterally revoked the 1955 Mutual Defense Treaty with the Republic of China
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