Football Helmet

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  • First Helmet Ever Made

    First Helmet Ever Made
    One of the rarest and first leather football helmets Circa 1893
    Soft, very thin leather, very thin padding. Simple and very little protection.
    It was created to protect from the dreaded "cauliflower ear".
    It didn't provide much protection
  • Soft "Flattop" Dog-Ear Leather Football Helmet

    Soft "Flattop" Dog-Ear Leather Football Helmet
    Famous Rare Flat Top leather football helmet CIRCA 1900-1909. Past Time Sports fine hand made Replica helmet. Style soft "Flat Top" leather football helmet This is one of the earliest soft helmet styles. A simple but historic football helmet. Now heavy leather and thick padding created from a museum sample
  • The "ZH" Helmet Hits the NFL

    The "ZH" Helmet Hits the NFL
    Robert Zuppke was the genius to innovate the football helmet by adding much more protection through the addition of different patterns of straps to be made within the padding of the helmet in order to absorb and distribute impacts much better while also allowing for more ventilation. The helmet used loads of cloth and leather and had large holes on the top of the head. With this breakthrough, the amount of concussions was again decreased.
  • Rare Executioner Face Guard Leather Football Helmet

    Rare Executioner Face Guard Leather Football Helmet
    Here is one of the rarest football helmets to ever be created.Circa late 20s early 30s. First face mask vintage leather football helmet.
  • 1930 football

    1930 football
    harder leather and the first use of chin straps.the harder the leather became and the more resistant to heah to head colistions.
  • The emergence of the face mask

    The emergence of the face mask
    ern McMillan was the maker of the face mask which wasn't a big deal at first but as head injuries started to rise again, his design although not on the original leather helmets but plastic, was made mandatory for players in the NFL to wear in the early 1960s. The face mask was a copper wire coated in rubber that wrapped around the front acting like a cage to protect the face.
  • First Plastic Helmet

    First Plastic Helmet
    After decades of players wearing the same styled leather helmet, employees at the John T. Riddell Company in Chicago invented a new helmet made out of plastic. This new material was stronger, durable, and lighter than previous models.
  • Plastic helmets

    Plastic helmets
    John T. Riddle and his son created the first ever plastic football helmet. The early models had a tendency to shatter but the two men created a new model with a tear drop shape that would disperse the impact to the side instead of head on.Hand crafted, authentic full size reproduction of the fabled "suspension" helmet worn by virtually all teams during pro football's "Golden" era.
    ( exact date unknown)
  • First Radio in Football Helmet

    First Radio in Football Helmet
    To reduce substitutions during game play, John Campbell and George Sarles came up with the idea of putting a radio transmitter in the back of a quarterback's helmet to transfer in plays instead of switching out receivers.
  • oly-carbonate Helmets become the Norm

    oly-carbonate Helmets become the Norm
    With Riddell at it again with starting a new era of football helmets creates the first poly-carbonate helmet. The helmet was designed just like the earlier plastic models but now had a harder outside shell due to its mass not letting it compress when hit. The helmet also had a foam interior for more cushion on the head as well. The helmets weren't prone to breaking like the traditional plastic ones and was immediately adopted by the NFL.
  • Riddell Revolution

    Riddell Revolution
    In 2002 Riddell created the “Revolution,” the first major development in the field in 25 years. This product made several advancements in player safety on all levels, through a very heavily researched new design. The new helmet is meant to ensure increased safety as well as comfort for football players on all levels of play. Immediately following its introduction key athletes promoted the product by wearing it, such as Peyton Manning and Brady Quinn.
  • Schutt Ion 4D

     Schutt Ion 4D
    The Schutt Ion 4D has been the most popular football helmet in the world since its inception. Many professional players such as Brandon Jacobs wear it and a number of schools including Penn State have a large number of athletes using them as well. This helmet is revolutionary in many different ways. It is designed focusing on maximum safety, but still being able to look stylish.
  • Current Helmets

    Current Helmets
    s technology as advanced over the years, player's safety has increased. We are able to develop helmets that can withstand a lot of contact before giving a player a concussion. Concussions are still the most frequent injury in the NFL, with some where around 140 per season in the NFL. Thousands of lawsuits have been filed against the NFL because of head related injuries. Hopefully the NFL can find an even better solution to the problem.