Financial timeline of Simone's life

Timeline created by simone37
  • Single- Graduated High school. 1st summer job

    Single- Graduated High school. 1st summer job
    Graduated high school, Got summer job. Opened up first bank account. Received fist debit card
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    Single- College Life

    Started college for criminal justice degree. Saved up from summer job for car. Applied for students loans and financial aid. Came up with payment plan for after graduation. Lived on low budget due to being college student. Have part time job to help cover daily expenses in living will going to class.
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    Single-Start Career

    Graduated and got internship and job with DA department, Set up 401K and savings account. Started paying back student loans monthly with a 10 year payment plan on loans which is deducted monthly out of checking account. Live on low budget till money is saved in account.
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    Married-Joint Account and finances

    After paying off student loans while maintaining career, got married. Bought house with a 30 year mortgage term. Continue with 401K plan along with joint bank accounts and savings. Opened up life insurance policies.
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    Married-Raising Twins

    Became pregnant with twins. Simone goes out on maternity leave leaving the household to be supported on 1 income. Household expenses double. Take out loan to help cover living costs. Simone resumes working when children old enough. Loan paid off.
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    After 30 year mortgage paid off and for working for 40 years with 401K plan, time to retire with a sum of $500,000. Life insurance policies paid off. Saving plans done for children and grand children.