fetal develeopment

Timeline created by stucole
  • week 15

    week 15
    / your babies skin is so thin youcan see through it
    / babies muscles are getting stronger
    / baby is using its mucsles by making faces and making fists
  • week 7

    week 7
    / mouth and lips are starting to form on the baby
    / the baby is about 0.50 inches long
    / baby is 1 gram about the size of a blueberry
  • week 9

    week 9
    / the heart rate of the baby is 140 to 150 beats per minute
    / the baby is 1.2 inches long
  • week 11

    week 11
    The baby starts to get hands and feet not web any more.
    The chest starts to move and practicing breathing
    baby is just 1 1/2 inch long
  • week 19

    week 19
    / baby is forming a layer of fat under the skin to provide warmth
    / the amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby starts to irritate them
    / now the babies skin is coated with vernix
  • week 22

    week 22
    / around this time your baby is 1 pound and 8 inches long
    / hormones are forming inside your baby
    / the babies sex organs are starting to form
  • week 27

    week 27
    /your baby should be starting to look like it will at birth
    / your baby is forming a schedule of wakefulness and sleepness
    / your babies brain is forming connections to the rest of your babies body
  • week 31

    week 31
    / babies lungs are still developing
    / you are putting on a pound a week
    / to get your baby ready for labor you will expirence hick contractions
  • week 34

    week 34
    / your baby is around 12 inches long
    / your baby wieghs about 5 pounds
    / most of its major organs can work on there own
  • week 40

    week 40
    / baby wieghs about 7 pounds
    / baby is 20 inches long
    / this is the week you should have your baby however it can come out late