F. Scott Fitzgerald's life.

Timeline created by Big_Chubs
  • Born

  • accepted to princeton

  • Drops out of Princeton

    he was failing because he was to busy writing plays and not studying
  • he joined the military

    he joined the military
    he did this because he wanted another chance at glory since he dropped out
  • Published his first book

    Published his first book
    The Saturday evening post
  • Got married

    Got married
    he was married to a young girl names Zelda whom was the daughter of a very important man. she was wild and loved F. Scott Fitzgerald. when he was first engaged to her she left because he did not have the money to give her the life style she wanted. but later on when he published his book he made lots of money and they got married
  • he had a baby girl

    he had a baby girl
  • published his second novel

    published his second novel
    The Beautiful and Damned
  • The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby
    F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the great gatsby
  • The Stock Market Crahsed

    this crashed had caused Scott and Zelda to enter the worst faze of there life's. his wife s started to go crazy. it started when she was 28 she started a ballet career and she would practice all day. she ended up having to go to the hospital for nervous exhaustion
  • got an offer for an new career

    his writing career was not going so well anymore and he needed money to take care of his wife. he was offered a job as a screenwriter in Hollywood so he accepted and faith was resorted among him
  • his Hollywood contract was over

    his contract was over and had not been renewed
  • The Last tycoon

    Scott was close to death and he knew it but he kept writing everyday. he had been drinking and had damaged his body.
  • he had his first minor heart attack

    this scared him and made him stop drinking all at once, he was an heavy alcoholic. after this happened he seemed almost in a race to finish his book
  • Died

    he had a heart attack