Events in Energy

Timeline created by afargis
  • Jet Stream Proposed to Power a Carriage

    Europe- Sir Isaac Newton proposed that the jet stream could be used to power a carriage, This was the first idea of the jet engine.
  • First Match is Discovered

    First Match is Discovered
    The first match is discovered by Robert Boyle by rubbing phosphprous and sulfur together.
  • First Mercury Thermometer Created

    The first mercury thermometer is created by Gabriel Daniel.
  • The Water Turbine is Created

    Pierre-Simone Girrard invents a water turbine.
  • The Radiator is Created

    Jacob Perkins created a radiator for use with hot water central heating.
  • Incandescent Electric Lamp is Patented

    W.E. Staite patents an incandescent electric lamp is patented in England
  • First Commercial Oil Well is Drilled

    Seneca Oil Company in Titusville, PA drills the first commercial oil well.
  • First Hydroelectric Power Plant in the West

    First Hydroelectric Power Plant in the West
    High Grove Station in San Bernardino, California, was the location for the first hydroelectric power plant on the west coast.
  • The Electron is Discovered

    Joseph John Thompson discovered the electron, the particle that makes an electric current.
  • International Atomic Energy Comission is Created

    The United Nations establishes the International Atomic Energy Comission.