Erikson Timeline - S. McGovern

Timeline created by sable.mcgovern
  • Identity & Role Confusion

    Identity & Role Confusion
    Link is a high school sophomore and attended football camp over the summer with friends. Upon returning to school in the fall, Link tried out for the football team, and did not make the cut with the rest of his friends. Link is upset that he doesn't see his football buddies as often, and is losing the muscle he built over the summer. Link established his "athlete" identity over the summer and is having trouble developing it. He is unsure what his role in school is outside of "student."
  • Stagnation & Generativity

    Stagnation & Generativity
    Rusty (49) does not feel as if he has made much of an impact on society. He and his wife (44) are childless and have little involvement in their community. In order to combat these feelings, they begin to volunteer at local events such as garden installations and park clean ups. Rusty feels that by improving their community, they are providing clean, safe places for young people to grow up in and enjoy. Rusty is satisfied knowing his nurturing actions leave a positive impact on those around him.
  • Intimacy & Isolation

    Intimacy & Isolation
    Burch (27) has been dating her boyfriend (27) for six years and is very happy in her relationship. Burch has brought up marriage, but her boyfriend states he is not ready to commit to her. Burch is conflicted between remaining with her boyfriend, hoping one day he will be able to commit to her. Her other option is leaving, with the possibility of being alone. Burch has to choose between intimacy with her non-committal boyfriend or possible long-term isolation and lonliness.