Erikson's Timeline PSY A150 (Lifespan Development)

Timeline created by satokag19
  • Birth of Sunday Flowers to Serena and Dale Flowers

    Birth of Sunday Flowers to Serena and Dale Flowers
    Serena and Dale are both loving, attentive, parents and look at Sunday as their ray of sunshine. In Erickson’s First stage trust vs mistrust from the birth to 12-months, infants must learn to trust adults. This can only happen of caring adults in this case Sunday’s parents must nurture and meet her basic needs for survival. They must be responsive and sensitive so that their baby can develop a sense of trust, not only towards them but the outside world as well.
  • Sunday explores the world

    Sunday explores the world
    Sunday is out at the mall for a Sunday Funday with her parents! She decides to sit on a step so she can look out at the people walking below her. Her mother had reservations, but her Dad reassured her mom it was okay. This action occurs with Erickson’s second stage as toddlers begin to explore the world. They learn they can control their actions and their environment such as dressing themselves, choosing to sit certain places, foods and toys they wish to eat and play with.
  • Sunday plays soccer

    Sunday plays soccer
    Sunday is finally old enough to play soccer and her parents encourage her to play so she can learn to build friendships, how to have fun, and becoming a leader but also playing and working with others. In Erickson’s third stage children are capable of initiating activities and control over their world. They learn by achieving goals and interacting with others. This happens when parents allow them to explore within limits.