english history

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  • 410

    romans leave britain

    The English language begins with the phrase "Up your Caesar", as the Romans leave Britian.
  • 450

    Anglo Saxon

    Romans left not much of their Latin language.
    The Anglo-Saxon vocab was mainly words for simple everyday things like "house, "woman", "loaf"and "werewolf".
    Four of days of week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday were named in honour of Anglo-Saxon gods.
  • 597

    Christian missionares

    Christian missionaries bringing more Latin, new words like "martyr", "bishop" and "font"
  • 1066

    William The conqueror

    William the conqueror invades England bringing new concepts from the French language.
  • 1125

    French was the rigeur for all official business

    Words like: Justice (1154), Judge (1290), Evidence (1300), Jury (1400).
    Latin was still used in Church.
  • 1337

    The hundred years war

    The English nation took their new war like lingo of "armies", "navies" and "soldiers" and began "the hundred years war" against France.
    French and English took over as the language of power.
  • The King James Bible

    New translation of the Bible.
    A team of scribes with the "wisdom of Solom" went the extra mile to make King "Jame´s translation". The writing was is handy little books; preachers reading from it in every church.
    The King Jame´s Bible had a whole glossary of metaphor and morality that still shapes the way English is spoken today.
  • The age of dictionary

    (1746-175) With the English expanding came a new breed of men called lexicographies. One of the greatest was dr. Johnson whose dictionary of the English language took him nine years to write..
    (1857) Words kept being invented a new book was started that would become "The Oxford English Dictionary". It took anoher 70 years to be finished.
    (1928) It eventually appeared and has continued to be revised
  • Period:

    the vikings

    The Vikings came with their action-man words like "drag", "ransack", "thrust" and "die". They give and take two of around 2000 words that they gave English as well as phrase "Watch out for that man with the enormous axe"
  • Period:


    The dictionary tell us about 2000 new words and phrases were invented by William Shakespeare (1564-1616).
    He gave us words like "eyeball", "puppydog" and "anchovy", "dauntless", "besmirch", lacklustre", "alligator", "hobnob".
    Shakespeare poetry showed the world that English was a rich vibrant language wit limitless expressive and emotional power.
  • Period: to

    Amsherican English

    From the moment British landed in America they needed names for all the plants and animals so they borrowed words like "raccoon", "squash" and "moose" from the native americans.
    The Dutch came sharing coleslaw (1794) and cookies (1703).
    Later the Germans arrived selling pretzels (1856), delicatessens (1889) and the Italians arrived with their pizza (1935), pasta (1874) and mafia (1875).
  • Period: to

    Internet English

    In 1972 the first email was sent.
    (1991) Internet arrived, a free global space to share information and the net brought typing back into fashion, words like: download (1980), toolbar (1991), firewall (1990), bolg(1998), poke (2004), reboot (1982), hard drive (1973).
    Conversations were getting shorter like LOL, FAQ, IMHO, BTW, etc.