Developmental Psychology Timeline

Timeline created by Jonathan Lynd 97
  • I am Born

    I was born on this day at 1:00 PM. My sister who is 10 years older than me was very excited.
  • Infancy: Emotional Development

    What was your temperament as a baby? I was a very easy to handle baby. The only time my parents said they had a problem was when my mom would go to work at night because she was the only one who could put me to sleep. I did not cry very much.
  • Infancy: Cognitive Development

    Piaget: I gained object permanence during the sensorimotor stage
  • Infancy: Physical Development

    When did you start walking? I started walking at 14 months. When I was born my legs were twisted so I was a little slow to learn.
  • Infancy: Emotional Development

    Were you securely or insecurely attached to your primary caregiver? I was very securely attached to my Mother. When she would go to her night job, the only way they could get me to sleep was if they left her night robe or a shirt she had worn that day.
  • Early Childhood: Cognitive Development

    What sort of interests did you have as a young child? Does this fit with the research on children's concept formation and categories? My favorite things in the entire world were trains. My parents bought me a Thomas the Tank Engine set with about twenty trains. Yes this does fit the categories.
  • Early Childhood: Cognitive Development

    What is one way you remember your parents or teachers in a way that helped your language acquisition? Every time I would say a word my parents had never heard my say before, they would write it down and then make me trace it with my finger.
  • Early Childhood: Emotional Development

    How did friends or teachers describe you as a child? I was pretty smart for my age, I was not very outgoing though.
  • Early Childhood: Cognitive Development

    Piaget: I was in the middle of my pre-operational stage which began around two years old. I would respond to everything my parents told me with "Why?" and I would ask my sister questions about everything.
  • Middle to Late Childhood: Cognitive Development

    Describe an experience that made you aware of a certain concept of intelligence. What was it? How did it affect you? My teachers recommended that I take the project jubilee test, which was a test that if you did well on, would place you in a gifted class. I remember my parents being extremely proud of me, and it made me happy that they were happy
  • Middle to Late Childhood: Physical Development

    Gross motor skills: Legs and arms to run and swing a baseball bat.
    Fine Motor: Learning how to hold a baseball to create different pitches.
  • Middle to Late Childhood: Cognitive Development

    Piaget: I was in the middle of my concrete operational stage. I began to catch on to math and start thinking a little deeper.
  • Middle to Late Childhood: Physical Development

    How often do you exercise? What sort of activities do you do? What were your feelings regarding physical activity? When I was around 9-10 the only exercise I enjoyed was playing baseball which I had been doing since I was five. I never missed a year and I always made the all star team. I wanted to play in the MLB.
  • Adolescence: Physical Development

    Did you enter puberty early or late? Do you think this had an effect on you? I entered puberty around 13 years old so around the time expected. And I don't think it had a direct effect on me, but I always wondered if I would be as tall or as masculine as my cousins.
  • Adolescence: Physical

    Gross Motor: Arms and Legs, able to run long distance. Arms, learned how to pitch side armed to keep my arm from burning out.
  • Adolescence: Cognitive

    Piaget: I was in the early years of my Formal operational stage which began around 12 or 13. I was able to use deductive reasoning and think more abstractly.
  • Adolescence: Emotional

    Sternberg: My first actual girlfriend was around this time in High School and the "Love" that I felt was probably considered infatuation
  • Adulthood: Emotional Development

    Sternberg: My last relationship has been my most serious and it probably was categorized as Companionate
  • Adulthood: Physical

    How often do you exercise? What sort of activities do you do? What were your feelings regarding physical activity? In High School I hurt myself playing baseball and I had to quit. Since then my physical health hasn't been the best. I recently got back into weightlifting a couple times a week. I miss it but I enjoyed it more when I was in shape.
  • Adulthood: Physical

    Gross Motor skills: Able to run, swim, skateboard, lift heavy weight
    Fine motor: able to sew, draw diagrams, play video games
  • Adulthood: Cognitive

    Adulthood: Cognitive
    Piaget: I am now in what I think is post formal operational stage. I think very in depth, I enjoy discussing and learning about existential topics, I think much more about the universe and life than I do just myself. (picture is our scholar's bowl team in high school).
  • Adulthood: Emotional

    Adulthood: Emotional
    Attachment style of my closest relationship: My best friend is like a sister to me so I would say secure.