Development of Power Source During the Industrial Revolution

Timeline created by celinee
  • Steam Engine

    by Thomas Newcomen, it becomes one of the most source of power later during the industrial revolution.
  • Battery

    by J.M. Jacquard, to make power sources simple
  • Electromagnet

    by William Sturgeon, it can be found in hard drives and motors
  • Electric light- Arc Lamp

    by Humphry Davy, it gives light and heat energy using electricity.
  • Electric Dynamo

    by Cyrus McCormick, it is a generator that gives out electricity.
  • Gas Turbines

    by John Barber, it is used as the source of energy for cars and others.
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell

    by Sir William Robert Grove. Converts energy from fuel through chemical reactions.
  • Lightning Rod

    by Benjamin Franklin, capturing lighnings for energy.