Darwin's Journey

Timeline created by NChang7513
  • Charles Darwin goes on the boat

    Charles Darwin goes on the boat for the first time in Plymouth, England at the age of 22. He is the captain's assistant as well.
  • Darwin arrives back home in Falmouth, England

    Darwin notes being home late the day he arrived. It is known that the Beagle ship carried 74 people and was 90 feet.
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    Darwin makes his first observations

    Darwin is in the Cape Verde Islands and he starts making his first observations as he was considering writing a book about his observations.
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    The Beagle Voyage crosses the Equator

    The Beagle Voyage Boat crosses the Equator. However, Darwin describes that there was many disagreements in the boat as well.
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    Darwin explores the Brazilian rainforests

    Darwin explores the Brazilian rainforests after arriving here through the Beagle Voyage. Darwin notes of the unique nature of the rainforest as he states the "beauty of the flowers, novelty of the parasitical plants, and the elegance of the grasses."
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    Darwin discovers unique fossils

    Darwin discovers giant fossils and notes that "some of the animals must have been of great dimensions," and he is sure that they have never been discovered before.
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    Captain Robert FitzRoy arrives at Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

    The Captain of the Beagle Voyage Boat, Captain Robert FitzRoy, sends three native people in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina back to England. The Captain also tries to start a Christian mission, but this was not successful.
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    Darwin arrives at the Falkland Islands

    Darwin finds more rocks and fossils in the Falkland Islands. He observes that these rocks and fossils were full of brachiopods.
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    Darwin explores the Pampas

    Darwin explores the lowland areas in the Pampas with the gauchos, who were the local people.
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    Darwin experiences an earthquake and is affected by this

    Darwin is at the Mount Osorno at Chile. He experiences an earthquake and this makes him wonder of the island.
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    Darwin finds many discoveries in the Galapagos Islands

    Darwin observes many plants and animals and notices the different trends in animals. His discovery in the Galapagos Islands is what mainly led to his thought of the theory of evolution.
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    Darwin arrives in Sydney

    Darwin arrives in Sydney Cove. Darwin notes that the town is a "fine town."
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    Darwin studies coral reefs

    Darwin arrives in the Coco Islands (also known as the Keeling Islands). Darwin studied coral reefs and tests his theory of atoll formation.
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    Darwin arrives at Mauritius

    Darwin takes a long walk along the sea coast. He notices black lava over the coarse grass and bushes.
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    Darwin arrives at Cape Town

    Darwin notes of how the mountain called Town Mountain is about 3,500 feet in Cape Town.
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    Darwin discovers many more new creatures

    Darwin discovers new creatures in Bahia and Pernambuco, South Africa. However, Darwin is homesick and seasick.