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  • Darwin enbarks on the HMS Beagle

    Darwin is 22, and joins Captain FitzRoy as the ship's naturalist and captains assistant.
  • Darwin reaches the Cape Verde Islands

    Darwin is delighted by the first observations, as he thought he should write a book about his findings.
  • Darwin crosses the equator

    Darwin notes on how choppy and rainy the trip is, making the experience miserable.
  • Darwin reaches Brazil

    Darwin reaches Salvador, Brazil, as his first time exploring Brazilian rain forests. He enjoys the experience very much.
  • Darwin reaches Argentina

    Darwin reaches Punta Alta, Argentina and finds giant fossils which he thinks are incredibly intriguing.
  • Darwin reaches the Falkland Islands

    Darwin finds the barren Falkland Islands desolate and wretched, but finds Brachiopod fossils.
  • Darwin reaches Rio Negro, Argentina

    Darwin reaches the Pampas, which are fertile lowland areas with lots of local '"Gauchos", which Darwin thinks is a enjoyable lifestyle.
  • Darwin reaches Chile

    Darwin gets to Chiloe Island, Chile where he sees Mount Osorno erupt and experience a horrible earthquake, which he believes degraded the size of the island more than a century of normal wear.
  • Darwin reaches the Galapagos

    Darwin gets to the Galapagos Islands, arguably the most important part of his voyage. Over at the islands, he fins many different species of plants, birds, and tortoises, which were similar to the mainland species.
  • Darwin reaches Australia

    Darwin arrives at Sydney, Australia, which he thinks is a fine town. He marvels at the marsupials, and wonders why there is a whole different set of mammals.
  • Darwin reaches the Cocos Islands

    Darwin tests his atoll formation theory by studying coral reefs.
  • Darwin reaches Bahia and Pernambuco

    Darwin discovers many fascinating creatures in the jungles, but he is both seasick and homesick, and wishes to return to England.
  • Darwin returns home

    Darwin returns home, which delights him greatly.