Cyberpunk history

Timeline created by mishaj123
  • Punk

    1928 saw the early use of the word "punk" to signify a criminal.
  • Cyberpunk

    this term was coined by Bruce Bethke in his short story titled 'Cyberpunk'.
  • Blade Runner

    'Blade Runner' directed by Ridley Scott gave cyberppunk its visual representaion.
  • Neuromancer

    "Neuromancer" was a novel written by William Gibson. It was a cyberpunk genre and was his first book and told the story of a computer hacker who was hired to pull of the ultimate hack. This won sveral science fiction awards.
  • Cyberpunk 2020

    several cybberpunk games have been created. 'Cyberpunk 2020' is a role-playing game which was written by Mike Pndsmith and published by R.Talsorian Games.