Computer History (Justin Hui)

Timeline created by 17huijj1
  • Hewlett Packard

    Hewlett Packard
    The Hewlett Packard (HP) was made. It was used in the making of the movie Fantasia.
  • Harvard Mark-1

    Harvard Mark-1
    THe Harvard Mark was big enough to fit in a room. It was used for math problems.
  • BESM 6

    BESM 6
    The BESM 6 was the most well known computer at that time. It could store up to 768K bytes. Which is a lot.
  • Nintendo NES

    Nintendo NES
    Nintendo was a company that made gaming consoles and games. It was the bestselling console in Japan in 1887. It also drew attention to the American market.
  • Gameboy

    The Gameboy was the first portable game console. It used game cards to play. It was the most popular game console.
  • Sony Playstation

    Sony Playstation
    The Nintendo company asked Sony to create a CD rom based game console. It became very popular and everybody was having lots of fun with it.
  • i Phone

    i Phone
    The iPhone was the first touch screen phone. It’s called a smart phone (any kind of phone that has a touch screen). Could hold up to 16 Giga bytes.
  • MacBook Pro

    MacBook Pro
    The MacBook pro (the one in the picture) is the third generation of the MacBook. The latest version came out this 2013. It ran faster than the older versions.
  • HTC One

    HTC One
    One of the newest models of smart phones. HTC made this and is now one of the many popular smart phone companies.