Computer Experience

Timeline created by gamber
  • First Computer

    First Computer
    First Computer that I ever worked on.
  • School Computer-Junior High

    School Computer-Junior High
    First computer class, where I learned how to type and save on floppy disk.
  • Family Computer

    Family Computer
    First PC that my family bought to do homework on
  • College Computer

    College Computer
    Computer that I used in college that was given to me from my father.
  • College Class Computer

    College Class Computer
    First class where I was taught Mac
  • First Computer Married

    First Computer Married
    First computer that we bought married
  • Laptop

    First laptop I used to get my degree, borrowed from my father-in-law
  • School iPad

    School iPad
    Teacher Ipad
  • School Chromebook

    School Chromebook
    School bought 30 Chromebooks to share and add technology to classroom
  • Personal Laptop

    Personal Laptop
    Bought my own laptop to work on Masters
  • Home Chromebook

    Home Chromebook
    Bought my kids their first Chromebook to do homework from home
  • Future Laptop

    Future Laptop
    Currently shopping to find new laptop