Timeline created by timmy23
  • 100


    first bound book was found
  • 305

    wooden press

    wooden press
    first press make in china
  • Mar 25, 1049

    first movable

    first movable
    was from clay invented in china
  • Mar 25, 1450


    appeared in Europe
  • Mar 25, 1455

    Johannes Gutenberg

    Johannes Gutenberg
    invented the printing press
  • pony express

     pony express
    the Pony Express operated as a private enterprise between 1860 to 1861
  • microphone

    Emile Berliner invented a microphone
  • phonograph

    is the date popularly given for Edison's completion of the model for the first phonograph.
  • type writter

    type writter
    first successful and modern
  • television

    television system using a cathode ray tube developed independently
  • tuners and radio

    tuners and radio
    first radio and tuner with different stations
  • Zworykin

    Zworykin invented the iconoscope
  • first comic book

    first comic book
    first comic book was published by a woman
  • telegraph

    Postal Telegraph System entered the field for economic reasons, and merged with Western Union
  • fax machine

    fax machine
    Alexander Muirhead invented a very successful fax machine
  • AT&T

    AT&T proposed that the FCC allocate a large number of radio-spectrum frequencies so that widespread mobile telephone service would become feasible and AT&T would have a incentive to research the new technology
  • plasma tv

    plasma tv
    The very first prototype for a plasma display monitor was invented
  • jjjjj

    the 5 1/4" flexible disk drive and diskette was developed by Alan Shugart for Wang Laboratories
  • Gordon Matthews

    Gordon Matthews
    Gordon Matthews voicemail invention and sold the first system to 3M
  • tv

    Web TV was rolled out