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  • 1562

    Unsuccessful settlement

    Unsuccessful settlement
    French soldier failed to make a settlement on pairs island.they abandoned it
  • Stump-house Mountain tunnel

    Stump-house Mountain tunnel
    Stump-house Mountain tunnel was started by a railroad company. The tunnel was dug into Stump-house Mountain.
  • Charles Town

    Charles Town
    Charleston was founded in 1660 at Alembert became the economic and cultural center for the southern colonies.
  • Civil War

    Civil War
    When the civil war started ll construction on Sump-house Mountain stopped.
  • Union

    In 1861 South Carolina was the 1st to seceded from the Union.
  • civil War

    civil War
    1st shots of civil war were fired.
  • Carolina

    Carolina was founded in 1663 by English colonists.
  • Charleston Abandoned

    Charleston Abandoned
    Charleston was abandons its original site (Alembert point) and moved to its present day site location.
  • William Tecumseh Sherman

    William Tecumseh Sherman
    At the end of the Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman marched across SC destroying plantations
  • Charleston

    Charleston became a refuge for Huguenots.
  • Union

    In 1868 South Carolina re-joined the union.
  • Proprietary Rule

    Proprietary Rule
    colonists overthrew the Proprietary Rule. they didn't like it.
  • Carolina Splits

    Carolina Splits
    Carolina split into north and south Carolina.
  • African american Population

    African american Population
    2/3 of South Carolina was African American, most were slaves. The other 1/3 was mixed.
  • Newq Government

    Newq Government
    SC set up a new government(Royal Government) John Rutledge was elected president of the government.
  • Union

    South Carolina was the 8th state to enter the union.
  • U.S Constitution

    U.S Constitution
    On May 23, 1788 SC became the 8th state to adopt the U.S Constitution.
  • San-tee Canal

    San-tee Canal
    The San-tee Canal opened in 1800, it had great successes. There were 8 other canals that were also finished in 1800.
  • Counties

    In 1804 South Carolina changed counties to districts.
  • White population

    White population
    The white population exceeded the African american population for the first time since 1730.
  • Fort Sumter

    Fort Sumter
    During 1861 Fort Sumter was bombardment, 6 cannon shots were fired.
  • Rights

    At the end of the Civil War all African Americans were given limited rights.
  • Hurricane

    in 1885 a category 3 hurricane devastated South Carolina.
  • 19th Amendment

    19th Amendment
    South Carolina rejected the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote.
  • Hurricane Hazel

    Hurricane Hazel
    Hurricane Hazel hit Sc it was a category 4 with winds up to 140mph.
  • Hurricane Grace

    Hurricane Grace
    Hurricane Grace devastated SC with winds up to 125mph, Grace was a category 3.
  • Hurricane Hugo

    Hurricane Hugo
    Hugo hit SC in 1989, Hugo desrtoyed everything int its path with winds up to 149mph
  • Same Sex Marriage

    Same Sex Marriage
    In 2014 SC was the 35th State to legalize Same Sex Marriage.
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