Chris McCandless' Journey

Timeline created by nathanmarshall
  • Beginnings

    Chris McCandless graduated college, and decided that he would leave his family. He took his car and the little money he had left, and donated his savings to OXFAM America.
  • The Yellow Datsun

    The Yellow Datsun
    Following a flash flood in Lake Mead, McCandless' Datsun was abandoned, and he burnt the rest of his money.
  • Jan and Bob

    Jan and Bob
    Chris, while on the road, meets a vagabond couple who take a liking to Chris. Chris felt a connection to the two throughout his journey, being even closer to them then his own parents, it seemed. Jan was very pivotal in his life, acting as a mother to Chris. Chris would keep in contact with Jan and Bob until his Alaskan journey.
  • Wayne Westerberg

    Wayne Westerberg
    Chris, after meeting and working for Wayne Westerberg (Left), a man who owns a grain elevator, leaves.
  • Mexico

    After leaving Westerberg, Chris obtains a kayak. He had his eyes set on the Gulf Coast, and he wished to paddle from where he was to it. He successfully managed to cross the border without being caught, but the way was blocked by swamps and deserts. Eventually, however, he is assisted by several people who transported him by truck to his destination. While on the water in the coast, however, he is hit by a storm, and almost capsizes.
  • Las Vegas

    Las Vegas
    Chris reaches Los Angles, in search of a job. He would work for an Italian restaurant for several months, leaving in May. This is an unusual time for Chris, as despite his ideals to leave society, he ends up working for a time.
  • Bullhead

    Chris, unusually, settles down for a short period of time in Bullhead City, Arizona. Chris feels at home in Bullhead, acting as though life was regular. This was incredibly unorthodox for Chris' new lifestyle.
  • The Slabs

    The Slabs
    Chris reconnected with Jan and Bob after arranging it through the mail. They take him to a renovated Navy Base called "The Slabs." The Slabs was a type of market for people similar to Jan and Chris, and Chris helped Jan sell books here.
  • Salton City

    Salton City
    Chris meets a strong figure in his adventure in Salton City, CA. Ron Franz is a man who lost both his wife and son in a crash, and is an alcoholic because of it. Despite this, Chris was still closer to Franz than he was with his own father. Franz wished to adopt Chris, but Chris held it off. Chris kept in contact with Franz until his final adventure to Alaska.
  • Last Trip

    Last Trip
    Chris traveled back to Carthage, to continue work for Wayne Westerberg yet again.
  • Stampede Trail

    Stampede Trail
    Chris meets Jim Gallien on his trip to Alaska. Jim and Chris become good friends for a short time before he takes Chris to Stampede Trail, Chris' destination. Jim managed to give Chris a pair of boots before they part.
  • The Bus

    The Bus
    Chris finds a bus in the area he decided to live, which would end up being the shelter he would spend the rest of his life in.
  • Chris' Body Was Found

    Chris' Body Was Found
    Chris' body was found by a group of hunters who stumbled across him in the bus. He was identified by his family.
  • Period: to

    Chris McCandless' Time in Alaska

    This is the period of time that Chris spent surviving in Alaska, before eventually being unable to collect food, or reach anywhere to contact other people. Chris died of starvation in the bus on August 18.