Chinese discovers and inventions

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  • -10 BCE

    compass 3th Century bce

    compass  3th Century bce
    a compass is a magnetized needle that aligns itself with Earth’s
    magnetic poles in a way that one end points north and the other
    south. Later they improved there compass by using a steel needle.
    type of compass to help them navigate on long voyages.
    People still use the same kind of device today.
  • -8 BCE

    improved boat construction 2nd Century bce

    improved boat construction 2nd Century bce
    They made traveling by boat safer by building their boats with compartments. If the ship had a leak only part will fill with water the other part would stay filled with air and hopefully the boat would remain afloat.
  • -5 BCE

    paddlewheel powered boats 5th Century bce

    paddlewheel powered boats 5th Century bce
    Paddleboat's were boats that were powered by people walking on turnstile to turn a wheel. Attached to the wheel were a bunch of paddles that moved the water. This huge wheel could move a lot more water than a few oars paddled by the same number of men. Also these boats had the advantage of being easier to turn in the water.
  • -4 BCE

    canal lock Song dynasty

    canal lock  Song dynasty
    Canal locks are a way to move a boat up an incline. A lock or walls are used to capture water in a small part of the river. When the boat floats up high enough to reach the next lock it moves forward and then new walls are raised. It works like steps for a boat.
  • 3

    Arched Bridges 618 CE

    Arched Bridges 618 CE
    This is one of the Chinese most important inventions. They were able to construct bridges that could span over large bodies water or empty space using less material than a standard bridge. These bridges were also stronger than a standard bridge.
  • 9

    Paper making 2nd Century ce

    Paper making 2nd Century ce
    For a long time the Chinese were the only people who could make paper. At first they used Mulberry tree bark and hemp. Later they used rags.
  • gunpowder

    accidentally discovered by akchmins working with salpeter looking for the secret element of life military technology
  • printing 7th Century CE

    printing 7th Century CE
    The creation of paper made another important
    development possible that would be printing.
    the Chinese had a technique called woodblock
    printing. The printer first drew symbols on
    paper. He glued the paper to a block of wood. When
    the glue dryed, the printer cut out the wood around
    the symbols, leaving the symbols raised on the wood.
  • Tea 2700 Bc

    Tea 2700 Bc
    The Chinese have been drinking tea for centuries. It started out as medicine made from pouring boiling water over tea leaves. Later it became a household drink and even special shops sprung up to serve it called teahouses.