Causes of WWI

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  • Napoleonic War

    170000 well equiped French army surrendered after being encircled 2 months by Germany
  • Treaty of Franfurt signed

    Germany imposed a harsh treaty to France, leading France seeking for revenge.
    The Treaty included:
    - Alsace Lorraine given to Germany
    - Pay a compensation of $5000 million marks to Germany
    - Suffered Germany occupation in France until compensation has been paid
    - Prussian victory march in Paris (humiliated France)
    - King of Prussia proclaimed Germany Emperor in the Hall of Mirros in France
  • Three Emperor's League

    Germany, Austria Hungary and Russia signed an alliance to keep France isolated, however this threatened France and made her seek for alliance
  • Dual Alliance

    Germany agreed to assist Austria Hungary if Russia attacked. This made Russia felt isolated
  • Triple Alliance

    Germany, Austria Hungary and Italy agreed to assist each other if any of them were being attacked by 2 or more powers However, this seems to be a threat to other nations as they did not think this alliance as a defensive one
  • Three Emperor's League comes to an end

    This made Russia threatened to be attacked by Germany, hence Russia had to seek for other alliances
  • Reinsurance Treaty

    Bismark tried to keep friendly relationship with Russia to prevent a 2 front war happening
  • Kaiser Wilhelm rose to power

    Adopted an ambitious plan Replaced Bismark with Leo von Caprivi, who was ambitious and hunger for colonies
  • Weltpolitik launched

    Aimed to make Germany a colonial power, which threatened Britain and France
  • Franco-Russian Alliance

    Agreed that they would assist each other if they are being attacked by Germany Made Germany feel that they are proparing a 2 front war against her
  • Anglo-Japanese Naval Agreement

    Giving Britain an ally from the far east, so that she can bring back warships from the area
  • Morrocan Crisis

    Germany attempted to break up the entente relationship, but failed to, in fact strengthen it Germany did not gain any land from North Africa either, it humiliated Germany.
  • Dreadnaught Launched

    Powerful battleship that overpower the others, which means that other countries can surpass Britain naval power by building Dreadnaughts. Naval race occur later between Germany and Britain, which creates tension.
  • Triple Entente Formed

    Britain, France and Russia formed an alliance this made Germany felt being encircled
  • Bosnian Crisis

    Austria Hungary had taken over the Slavs, Russia being humiliated again Russia is rearming to prevent being humiliated again
  • Second Morrocan Crisis

    Germany tried to prevent France taking over Morocco by placing gunboat on Morocco's port, which threatens Britain to war
    Germany demanded the whole French Congo from France for doing this, Germany ends up getting 2 stripes of it Increased hostility between Britain and Germany, also strengthens the Entente relationship between Britain and France
  • First Balkan War

    Austria Hungary was calling for war as she saw Serbia strengthening, Russia would probably support Serbia. Britain wanted to prevent war so a conference was called.
    Turkey land was divided between Bulkan states and Austria Hungary. Austria managed to keep Serbia by creating Albania. This causes resentment between Austria Hungary and Serbia
  • Second Balkan War

    Serbia, Greece and Turkey had fight against Bulgaria and taken nearly all the land that Bulgaria had won from them This proved Serbia's millitary strength, which encourages Russia to stand by Serbia. This also make Austria Hungary wanted to crush Serbia, and it drew closer relationship between Austria Hungary and Germany
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand Assassinated

    He and his wife was being assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, who was armed by the Serbian Black Hand movement Grows tension between Austria and Serbia due to border issues, and leave Austria a chance to crush on Serbia
  • German 'Blank Check' to Austria Hungary

    Germany would support Austria unconditionally, which improves the Triple Alliance relationship, also strengthen Austria to take over more of the Balkan, since Russia will be less likely able to stop Austria.
  • Austro-Hungarian Ultimatum to Serbia

    Serbia did not agree with the ultimatum, hence Austria Hungary launched an attack on Serbia
  • Russia Orders Mobilization

    Russia mobilised to support Serbia to improve relationship with Serbia, also to show her military strength as Russia had been humiliated in the Bosnian Crisis
  • Germany Declares War on Russia

    Since Austria was being attacked by 2 nations, Russia and Serbia, Germany had to support Austria according to the terms on Triple Alliance
  • Germany Invades Belgium and Declares War on France

  • Britain Declares War on Germany

    As Britain had uphold a secret treaty with Belgium agreeing that Britain would protect Belgium if Germany attacked. Britain had declared war on Germany when she crossed Belgium
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    Causes of WWI