Canada's Growing Autonomy in the 1920s

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  • The Chanak Affair

    The Chanak Affair
    -British were in dispute with Turkey over a town, Chanack, and they wanted Canadian military help
    -Brit. dispute with Turkey and Canada refused to get involved Signifigance:
    -King replied that only Can. Parliament could decide whether or not to send troops which was different from 1914 when Can. automatically joined Brit. at the WWI’s outbreak ( p. 156)
    -This made it clear that “ Britain’s interest and Canada’s interests in foreign policy were not always the same” ( p.156).
  • The Halibut Treaty

    The Halibut Treaty
    -Canada and the United States sign a fishing agreement for halibut in the north Pacific.
    - a fishing agreeement between Canada & USA. Significance :
    -For the first time, Canada was able to sign an international treaty ( with other countries) by itself without British signatories after PM King’s insistence.
    -Can. wins right to sign treaties with a foreign country on its own.
  • The King-Byng Crisis

    The King-Byng Crisis
    Event :
    -Governor General Julian Byng refused to dissolve Parliament and call an election when King requested it. Significance :
    - King felt that Byng’s refusal was a breach of responsible gov’t and was determined to clarify the Governor General’s role at the next Imperial Conference – where it was determined that GG would represent the British Crown and not the gov’t.
    -PM King clarifies the role of the GG.
  • The Balfour Report

    The Balfour Report
    Event: -in this document, Can. & other Dominions were declared self- governing & independent nations but agreed to voluntarily be part of the new Brit. Commonwealth of Nations.
    Significance: supported Can.’s autonomy to make foreign policy decisions w/o British interference.
    - Can. should make own decisions about foreign policy.
    - Can. declared self-governing & indepedent.
    - voluntary " Commonwelath of Nations".
    - GG will only be a British representative ; not an agent of Brit. gov't.
  • New Foreign Embassies

    New Foreign Embassies
    Event :
    -Canada opens embassy in the US and in the following years, embassies are open in France & Belgium.
    -Vincent Massey is the first diplomat.
    -embassies and ambassadors serve as official Canadian gov’t representatives to other nations and therefore a sign of Canada’s independence as nation.

    -protecting citizens in foreign countries
    -could communicate with other nations w/o going through Brit.
  • The Statute of Westminster

    The Statute of Westminster
    - the British gov’t passes the Statute of Westminster which recommendaed the Balfour Report into law.
    - makes Balfour Report law which said that Can. was only bound to laws of its own ( Brit. can't make laws for Can.).
    -besides two details, Canada achieved complete autonomy by 1931 and Britain could no longer make any laws for Canada
    - the highest Canadian court still the Privy Council in Brit. & BNA Act ammended by Brit. gov't.
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    Canada's Growing Autonomy