Camila Quintero Trujillo

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  • birth

    I was born on February 9, 2004 in Villamaria, Caldas
  • My first year

    My first year
    In the celebration of my first year he cries a lot, that's when my family realized that I did not like being around many people and I did not like noise
  • My first communion

    My first communion
    It was a very beautiful time for me since I was very happy with the beautiful dress I was wearing and being able to share with my friends
  • My brothers birth

     My brothers birth
    since I found out that my mother was pregnant I was very excited because I had always asked her for a brother
  • my first pet

    my first pet
    Throughout my life I always asked for a pet, they told me no, because we didn't have a patio in the house, but one day my mother adopted the dog and we all welcomed her with love. She is currently very old, but we love her very much
  • my fifteen years

    my fifteen years
    I think it is a special date for every woman. That day I was able to fully share with my friends and family