Burma colonization

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In History
  • Jan 1, 1531

    Toungoo dynasty, with Portuguese help, reunites Burma.

  • 1st Anglo-Burmese War begins

    In this war the British fought for control over primarily north-eastern India and gained the Burmese capital Arakan and a few other cities.
  • The Treaty of Yandabo

    The Treaty of Yandabo officially declared the First Anglo-Burmese war over.
  • 2nd Anglo-Burmese War

    In this war they annexed the lower part of Irrawaddy River Valley.
  • End of 2nd Anglo-Burmese War

    The 2nd Anglo-Burmese War ends
  • 3rd Anglo-Burmese War begins

    The British wanted to annex upper Burma
  • End of 3rd Anglo-Burmese War

  • Burma becomes separate from Indian Colony

  • War against Japan

    In June 1945, British and Burmese soldiers fought side by side against the Japanese military during World War 2.
  • Temporary government

    At the close of the Japanese war, Aung San was a nationalist leader and discussed with the English and attained a position in temporary government which was formed in 1946.
  • Burmese independence

    On 24th march 1948, he signed a treaty with the British Prime Minister which gave the Burma it independence in 1948.
  • Union of Myanmar

    The countries original name was the union of Burma which changed to the union of Myanmar in 1989
  • Britain rules Burma