Blended Health Final Project

Timeline created by Jachoy
  • Princess J Facing a Challenge

    Princess J had a big fight with a friend and had a breakdown.
  • Overcome Challenge

    J overcame the situation by forgiving her friend and apoligizing.
  • Princess J Creating Goal/ How She Will Acheive It

    J wanted to make a goal to herself to drink 8 cups of water a day and to exercise 2 hours a day. SHe willa chieve it by trying to do it everyday and focus on her health more than anything.
  • Princess J Grandma Dies

    Princess J Grandma Dies
    Physically hurt her by causing her to have a breakdown.
    Health coping method used to help her with this situation was to pray and relax. Try to do things to make her forgot about it.
  • Bestfriend Drinking

    Bestfriend Drinking
    4 negative effects ; Vomiting, Blackouts, Alcohol Disease, Car Accidents
  • Significant Loss

    After two different stages of grief, she was very hurt and sad.
  • Family History

    Family History
    FInds out her family has a history of High Blood Pressure/ Diabetes.
  • Family Member Starts Smoking Again

    Family Member Starts Smoking Again
    3 long terms of tabacco she is worried about ; 1
    1) Lung, mouth, throat, kidney, and stomach cancers
    2) Addiction
    3) Coronary heart disease
  • Takes away keys from Bestfriend

    Two things to tell friend is she should dtop drinking because she could get in a car accident or have a serious problem with her body becasue of drinking too much.
  • Home Sick Flu

    Home Sick Flu
    3 things to treat it ; Take Medicine, Stay Home, Relax 3 Things to do next year to prevent flu ; Get Flu shot, dress appropriate for weather, stay away from sick people.
  • Puberty Starts

    2 mental/emotinal changes ; More mature and responsible with things.
  • Makes Pledge To Stay Abstinent

    Makes Pledge To Stay Abstinent
    3 Tips parents gave me were;
    1) to stay busy.
    2) to pick my friends wisely.
    3) to have reasons.