The life of Billie Eilish

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  • Billie Eilish Borns

    Billie Eilish Borns
    18/12/ 2001 Borns in the Angeles california E.E
    Daughter of Maggie Baird, actress, and Patrick O'Connell, musician and screenwriter. Has and older brother, Finneas, composer and actor.
  • The beginning of a great artist

    The beginning of a great artist
    He began composing songs at the age of eleven, just like his brother, who was already writing, playing and producing his own songs with his band.
  • Tourette syndrome

    Tourette syndrome
    At just 12 years old, he was diagnosed with trurette syndrome however he didn't let it affect his daily life
    He liked contemporary dance, he spent it in his studio until he had an accident that did not allow him to continue practicing.
  • Billie sings and goes viral

    Billie sings and goes viral
    He became popular at fourteen after recording in 2015 the song composed with his brother, Ocean Eyes (published in 2016) that was a viral phenomenon. Billie Eilish also released the 2016 single Six Feet Under.
  • Its music

    Its music
    In 2017 he lent his voice for one of the series of the moment on Netflix 13 Reasons Why.
    Bellie presented the single Bellyache on February 24 of the same year.
  • Making history

    Making history
    In February 2018, the Where's My Mind tour begins, which ends in April of that year.
  • Hit songs

    Hit songs
    He won three MTV Video Music Awards in 2019 including Best New Artist. His single Bad Guy became his first # 1 hit in America
  • He collaborated with his great idol

    He collaborated with his great idol
    In the summer of 2019 he released a remix of his hit Bad Guy with the participation of Justin Bieber.
  • At the 2020 Grammy Awards

    At the 2020 Grammy Awards
    Billie Eilish won the Grammy for best production, best song, best album of the year and best new artist, the so-called Big Four in major categories
  • At present

     At present
    This year will be full of surprises, a tour with its most recent singles is planned. Billie will continue with her career, because this is just beginning!