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In History
  • 3,000 BCE

    Bantu immgration

    Bantu immigration begins from North Africa and expands through West Africa.
  • 2,000 BCE

    Bantu Orgin

    Group of people in Africa Form a small civilization called Bantu
  • 1,000 BCE

    Bantu groups arrive in Uganda.

    Bantu groups arrive in what is now known as Uganda.
  • -600 BCE

    Migration to Congo

    Bantu people migrated to the Congo, some people stayed behind
  • 1000

    Mapungubwe Develops

    Kingdom of Mapungubwe expands and develops. They were able to control some of the surrounding territories.
  • 1400

    Slavery and destruction of Economics

    The Portuguese gained control over the Bantu which ruined their economics. it was overthrown by Omani Arabs, who made bantus their slaves
  • Period:
    1,500 BCE
    1,000 BCE

    Bantu immigration

    Bantu Immigration spreads south over Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Period:
    -500 BCE

    Bantu Traditions

    Bantu Traditions and practices travel south, east and west.
  • Period:
    -500 BCE

    Bantu Languae

    Bantu language spreads through african great lakes area.
  • Period:
    AD 1

    Metal Working

    Bantu people bring the skill of metal working, mostly iron.