Australia's involvement and major battles in WW1

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  • Australia Join WW1

    Australia joins ww1.
  • Australia takes German New Guinea

    Australia attempts to conquer German New Guinea
  • Australia takes German New Guinea

    Australia successfully take German New Guinea
  • Gallipoli

    It was Australias biggest and best battle but lost and were forced to evacuate Gallipoli after a long year of fighting. It shaped the country of Australia to what it is today and had us recognized as a strong through the country.
  • The battle of Formelles

    The attack on Fromelles was the first major battle fought by Australian troops on the Western Front. It was a feint designed to prevent the Germans from reinforcing their troops on the Somme, where the Allies had launched a major offensive on 1 July. The trick, however, was unsuccessful.
  • The first battle of Bullecourt

    The Battles of Bullecourt involved huge losses and invoked a sense of distrust between Australian troops and British commanders.
  • The second battle of Bullecourt

    Australian took the Germans trenches in the second battle.
  • The battle of Messines

    The ANZACs score a crushing victory over the Germans at Messines Ridge in northern France, marking the successful prelude to an Allied offensive designed to break the grinding stalemate on the Western Front in World War I.
  • The battle of Mont St Quinten

    Australia pushed out Germany and forced them to go to their last line of defence, the Hindenburg line
  • Australia helps out on the Hindenburg line

    Throughout September 1918, Australian forces had helped the British army to secure positions from which an attack on the Hindenburg Line could be launched.
  • The end of the war

    The end of WW1