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  • Navigation Acts 1650's

    Navigation Acts 1650's
    Directed trade between England and the colonies and colonial merchants who had goods to send to England could not use foreign ships.
    Colonists first accepted it. But then colonists came to resent British restriction and then started smuggling.
  • Sugar Act 1764

    Sugar Act 1764
    Lowered the tax on imported molasses. Also Grenville was convinced this would help people to pay taxes.
    Outcome of the law made colonists angry. They thought that the british violated or interfered with, thier rights as english citizens.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Proclamation of 1763
    Set the Appalachian mountins as the temporary western boundary for the colonies.
    Outcome angred esspically those who owned land companies. Also they were west of the Appalacians mountains but knew the Indians lived thier.
  • Stamp Act 1765

    Stamp Act 1765
    Act that placed tax on almost all printed materials. All material items had to have a stamp on it.
    Outcome of this was that none of the colonies liked it and opposed it. Also boycotted and british declared to repeal the stamp act.
  • Decolatory Act 1766

    Decolatory Act 1766
    Law the stated parliament had the right to tax and make decisions for the British colonies " In all cases".
    Outcome of this was they passed another law called, Townshed Act. Which made colonies pay thier taxes.
  • Townshed Act 1767

    Townshed Act 1767
    Tax on only imported goods such as glass, tea, and paper, with the tax bieng paid at the port of entry.
    Outcome of this Colonists were angry again. Also they sent another boycott. And gathered in groups and made sure they didnt buy british goods.
  • Tea Act 1773

    Tea Act 1773
    Law alowed a company a virtual monopoly, or sole control of the trade for tea in America.
    Outcome of this colonia merchants called for a new boycott. And daughters of liberty said, rather then part with freedom " well part with oue tea"
  • Coercive Acts 1774

    Coercive Acts 1774
    Law intended too punish the people of Massachusets for thier resistance to british law.
    Otcome of this Instesad the others colonies sent food and clothing to support boston.
  • Quebec Act 1774

    Quebec Act 1774
    Law set up a government for quebec. Gave quebec land west of Appalachians and north of ohio river.
    Outcome of this ignored colonies claims to the area. Then colonists espressed thier feelings in thier name for the new laws - the Intolerable acts.