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  • The Irish Potato Famine Immigration

    The Potato Famine drove many people of Ireland to America. The Potato Famine was caused by a disease that killed crops. More than one and a half million people came from Ireland to America because of the Famine. They came because hunger and disease plagued Ireland
  • The Contract Labor Law

    The Contract Labor Law was created in 1864. This was the first law that allowed people to recruit workers from foreign countries. This caused a lot of immigration of workers.
  • Henderson vs the Mayor of New York Court Case Decision

    The Henderson vs Mayor of New York case decision basically said that states were not allowed to regulate immigration tax. The Supreme Court said that it was unconstitutional.
  • The Chinese Exclusion Act

    The Chinese Exclusion Act was issued in 1882. It was created by President Chester Arthur. This act prevented immigration of all Chinese people, especially those immigrating for labor purposes. It was a large setback for American Immigration
  • The Contract Labor Law

    Made in 1885, this law illegalized hiring unskilled laborers from foreign nations.
  • Asiatic Barred Zone

    Congress issued the Asiatic Barred Zone, which restricted all immigration from any of the Asian countries.
  • Japanese cannot be Citizens

    In 1922, a law was established that said that Japanese people could not obtain United States citizenship.
  • Border Patrol

    The United States Border Patrol was established in 1924 to protest and watch our nation's borders.
  • Immigration and Nationality Act

    The Immigration and Nationality Act said that nationality could no longer be a factor when deciding on immigration or citizenship​.
  • Operation Wetback

    Operation Wetback was a deportation of many Latin Americans from America. The operation, originally supported by legal Hispanic-Americans, soon proved to be too radical for anyone's liking. Many of the people deported died from sunstroke or lack of water.
  • The USA Patriot Act

    The USA Patriot Act created more restrictions for who could immigrate and who could become a citizen. It made ineligible people suspected to be involved in terrorist organizations.
  • Donald Trump's Immigration Ban

    Donald Trump issued a complete halt on immigration from 6 foreign nations. The ban was an attempt to block out "Islamist terrorists". Many saw it as a ban on Muslims. Controversially, the ban did not include those from Iraq. The act was struck down in federal court.
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    Ellis Island

    In 1892, Ellis Island was opened. The purpose of Ellis Island was the inspect immigrants before they came to America. Ellis Island is located next to upper New York. All immigrants from 1892-1954 had to come through Ellis Island.
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    The First Red Scare

    The Red Scare happened after World War 1. Americans were afraid of communists and communism taking over.
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    The Palmer Raids

    The Palmer Raids was an effort to deport anarchists living in the United States. Attorney General Mitchell Palmer authorized busting into the homes of extreme leftists, arresting them, and deporting them. In large context, these Raids occurred during a Red Scare in America.
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    The Second Red Scare

    The Second Red Scare happened after World War Two. This was during the Soviet Union and America's Cold War. People were afraid of communism and communists.
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    The Vietnamese Boat People

    After the Vietnam War, Vietnamese people (refugees) fled Vietnam via boat. Many died at sea.