AP World History Timeline 1450-1750

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  • Mar 12, 1413

    Johannes GutenBerg

    His invention of the printing press played a key role in carring out the the Renaissance, Reformation, and the Age of Enlightenment
  • Mar 20, 1419


  • Mar 14, 1450

    Triangle Trade

    The best-known triangular trading system is the transatlantic slave trade, that operated from the late 16th to early 19th centuries.
  • Oct 31, 1451

    Christopher Columbus

    Christopher Columbus
    Columbus's voyages led to the first lasting European contact with the Americas, inaugurating a period of European exploration, conquest, and colonization that lasted for several centuries.
  • Mar 12, 1460

    Prince Henry the navigator

    Prince Henry the navigator
    He was responsible for the development of European exploration and maritime trade.
  • Feb 19, 1473

    Nicolaus Copernicus

    Nicolaus Copernicus
  • Jan 12, 1475

    Vasco de Balboa

    Vasco de Balboa
  • Nov 10, 1483

    Martian Luther

    Martian Luther
    He challanged the Catholic church with his Ninety-Five Theses in 1517.
  • Mar 14, 1492

    Sunni Ali

  • Mar 14, 1492

    Columbian Exchange

  • Jun 2, 1494

    treaty of tordesillas

  • May 29, 1500

    Batolomeu Dias

    Batolomeu Dias
    Held an expedition to sail around the southern tip of Africa in the hope of finding a trade route to India.
  • Jul 10, 1509

    John Calvin

    John Calvin
  • Aug 23, 1514

    Battle of Chaldrian

    A victory for the Ottoman Empire over the Safavid Empire.
  • Mar 14, 1517

    Protestant Reformation

    The 16th-century schism within Western Christianity initiated by Martin Luther, John Calvin and other early Protestants.
  • Mar 12, 1519

    Ferdinand Magellan

    Ferdinand Magellan
    Held an expedition to sail from the Atlantic Ocean into the Pacific Ocean.
  • Jun 29, 1520


    killed during the Spanish conquest of Mexico
  • Mar 12, 1521

    Niccolò Machiaveli

    He wrote his masterpiece The Prince
  • Dec 25, 1524

    Vasco de Gama

    Vasco de Gama
    The first European to reach India by sea.
  • Jun 26, 1541

    Pizarro and Cortez

    When historians compare Pizarro's and Cortés's conquests of Peru and Mexico, they usually give the palm to Pizarro because he led fewer men, faced larger armies, and was far from Spanish outposts in the Caribbean which could have supplied men, arms, and provisions.
  • Feb 15, 1564

    Galileo Galilei

  • Jun 23, 1582


  • Jamestown

  • Louis XIV

    Louis XIV
    He sought to eliminate the remnants of feudalism persisting in parts of France .
  • Voltaire

  • East India Company

  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau

  • Peter/Catherine the Great

    Peter/Catherine the Great
    Ruled during the golden age of Russia.