Animal Farm Russain Events

Timeline created by cccwatergun
  • Russain Revolution against Nicholas the 2nd

    The animals take over farm
  • Struggles between Trotski and Stalin

    Different opinions between snowball and Napolean
  • Death of Lenin

    Napolean is openly antagonistic to Snowball's Idea
  • Trotsky deported

    Snowball chased off farm
  • Start of Industrialization

    Building of windmill
  • Starvation of people who didnt work for Stalin

    Starvation of hens
  • USA recognizes USSR

    Other farms recognize animal farm
  • KGB became officail

    Dogs help napolean to search belongings of animals dogs become napoleans protection
  • Trails of Stalin's opponents

    Death of 4 pigs, 3 hens, goose and sheep
  • Treaty between Russai and germany

    Deal between animal farm and fredrick
  • Germany invades russia

    Fake banknotes for pile of wood
  • Treaty to divide germany

    Treaty with pilkington