Andrew Jackson

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  • Election of 1824

    Election of 1824
    The candidates were: Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, and William Crawford. Jackson won the popular vote, but no one won the electoral vote. Adams won with Clay's influence, earning Clay the position of Secretary of State (Corrupt Bargain).
  • Election of 1828

    Election of 1828
    The candidates: Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams. Andrew Jackson won by a landslide, winning the position of president.
  • Indian Removal Act

    Indian Removal Act
    Georgia began moving Native Americans west. Andrew Jackson instituted the Indian Removal Act, which gave him the power to move Native Americans west of the Mississippi River. The journey the Native Americans took was called the Trail of Tears.
  • Worcester v. Georgia

    Worcester v. Georgia
    A Supreme Court case that stated that Indians had a right to remain in Georgia.
  • Bank War

    Bank War
    Andrew Jackson felt the national bank was too powerful and was pretty much a monopoly. He vowed to "kill it". When the charter was up for removal, Jackson vetoed the bank.
  • Nullification Crisis

    Nullification Crisis
    The Tariff of 1828 was placed on foreign goods in the US. It helped the North's economy but not the South's. South Carolina declared the Tariff illegal by passing the Nullification Act. They threatened to secede if the Tariff was not removed. Henry Clay designed a compromise that lowered the tariff but gave the president more power to use if a state threatened to secede again.