American Revolution - Constitutional Convention

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  • Articles of Confederation Signed

  • Revolutionary War Ends

  • Newburgh conspiracy

    A section of the army plans revolt in Newburgh, New York when confess is unable to pay them
  • Military veterans revolt and force the congress to relocate

  • Congress is unable to collect funds

  • John Adams Trip to London

    John Adams was sent to London to secure an unrestricted trade agreement, but was unable to because of the uncetainty of individual state agreement.
  • Congress is unable to defend its states effectively

  • Annapolis Convention

    Alexander Hamilton convened the Annapolis Convention to address the issues with the articles of confederacy.
  • Shay's Rebellion

    A farmers rebellion in 1786-1787 protesting taxes and debt collections.
  • Constitutional Convention Begins

  • Great Compromise

  • Constitution Signed

  • Federalist Paper 10

  • Delaware first ratifies the Constitution

  • Congress passes northwest land ordinance

    The north west land ordinance allows 5 new states to enter the union
  • Federalist Paper 51

  • First Presidential Election

  • First 10 Amendments are added to the constitution

  • Constitution ratified in last state

  • Period: to

    Articles of Confederation to Constitutional Convention