America during World War I

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  • The Alliances

    The Alliances
    All the different countries had been building up hatred for each other for some time. One of the key points that lead up to World War I was the creation of the Triple Alliance group and the Allies group. TheTriple Alliance consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy while the Allies were made up of Britain, France, and Russia. EXACT DATE UNKNOWN
  • The Archduke

    The Archduke
    The event that eventually lead to World War one started in the bosnian capital, Sarajevo. The Domino effect started with the assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his Wife. This triggered Austria-Hungary to declare war on Serbia dragging the Triple Alliance with it and then the allies rushed to defend Serbia putting the world at war.
  • Stopping the German advance

    Stopping the German advance
    The Germans led the advance into belgium and were not stoppeed till september 1914. this was the first time trench warfare was introduced. By 1915 lines of trenches had been carved out through france by the opposing sides. AN EXACT DAY IS UNKNOWN
  • The American War Casualties

    The American War Casualties
    America had had no conflictin World War One until May 1915. Germans had come up with some of the first submarines called U-Boats which specialized in sinking ships from under the wave. Germany made a mistake when they sank the cruise ship Lusitania and killed around one hundred americans, this did not bring America into the conflict but it helped America choose its side of the war later on.
  • A New Weapon

    A New Weapon
    The first time tanks were used was at the battle of somme by the british. the tanks themselves did not prove to be very effective and were mostly used to pave the way for infantry units. though not much could be done with tanks in the beggining of their existance they were used a lot in world war one as they were improved.
  • The Zimmermann Note

    The Zimmermann Note
    For years America had stayed out of the war but Germany wanted insurance incase America did join. in 1917 a note was interceped by Britain, its contents contained a letter to mexico asking for an alliance against america if it ever came to it. This brought up Americas guard even more and war was imminent. EXACT DATE UKNOWN
  • Joining the War

    Joining the War
    On April second 1917 President Woodrow Wilson called a meating at the capital building. During this meating Woodrow Wilson stated that America had to join the war to finally put it to an end. A few days later Congress passed the war resolution.
  • Selective Service

    Selective Service
    At the beggining of Americas involvment in World War 1 only 200,000 people were enlisted in the military. to gather up more soldiers crongress passed the selective service act which caused people to register with the government. 24 million people registered because of the act and 3 million people were selected for military service because of it.
  • Convoy System

    Convoy System
    to counter act the german use of submarines America came out with a system called the convoy system which minimized casualties on the water greatly. America encouraged the user of the system by other countries in the war. after it was adopted it cut in half the casualties caused by german U-Boats. EXACT DATE UNKNOWN
  • An End that will lead to a New Beggining

    An End that will lead to a New Beggining
    after germany's surrender in 19 18 the leaders of the allies met together to make the terms of a peace treaty. the leaders met in january 1918 to set the terms but was not signed by germany until may 1919. the terms were unfair to germany, giving all the blame and payments to them and because of it another war was on the horizon.