Allie's Developmental Timeline

Timeline created by allieharpman
  • I was born

  • Infancy: Physical/Biological Development

    Infancy: Physical/Biological Development
    When did you start walking?
    I started walking when I was about 10 months old
  • Infancy: Emotional Development

    What was your temperament like as a baby?
    My temperament as a baby was very high strung, I cried most of the day, but slept at night. I can remember my mom telling me stories about how during the day, while at home, her and my brother would go hide in his room so they didn't have to hear me scream.
  • Infancy: Emotional Development

    Infancy: Emotional Development
    Were you securely/insecurely attached to your primary caregiver?
    I was securely attached to both my mom and dad. When they would drop me off at day care I was very upset and cried, but when they came to pick me up I was very happy and glad to see them.
  • Infancy: Cognitive Development

    An example related to Piaget's stages of cognitive development is when I would cry and scream when my mom or dad put my pacifier in the bag and wouldn't let me have it. I didn't like to go anywhere without my pacifier.
  • First Dance Recital

    First Dance Recital
  • Early Childhood: Cognitive Development

    Early Childhood: Cognitive Development
    As a child I would get really upset when my mom would split my favorite drink up between my brother and I. She would always give us our special cups and due to the different sizes of them, it always looked like my bother got more.
  • Early Childhood: Cognitive Development

    Early Childhood: Cognitive Development
    As a young child I liked to play with baby dolls, barbie dolls, cheer, and loved to dress up in my Disney princess dresses.
  • Early Childhood: Cognitive Development

    When I was in elementary school I got tested to be in the RLC program. I was accepted into it and was then consider a gifted student. This made me believe that I must have been smarter than some students and that I must have worked harder than others. I can remember getting to leave the classroom at a certain time of day everyday and go into the RLC room and do different activities.
  • Early Childhood: Cognitive Development

    One way I remember my parents and teachers helping improve my language acquisition is through reading. At home my parents would read with me and ask me to read aloud. Same thing at school, we would take turns reading aloud to practice our language skills.
  • Early Childhood: Cognitive Development

    Early Childhood: Cognitive Development
    As a child my parents described me as happier and easier to please, unlike in infancy.
  • Middle/Late Childhood: Physical/Biological Development

    Middle/Late Childhood: Physical/Biological Development
    I was envolved in activities such as, jumping on trampoline, dancing, and swimming. I was very active as a child and I really enjoyed it.
  • Middle.Late Childhood: Physical/Biological Development

    For activities such as jumping on trampoline, dancing, and swimming I used gross motor skills like maneuvering my arms and legs to dance and jump and then fine motor skills like using my toes to balance.
  • Middle/Late Childhood: Cognitive Development

    As a child I was very organized when it came to putting my stuff in specific groups. All of my stuff in my room would have a particular place and if tings got out of order it would make me really flustered.
  • Adolescence: Physical/Biological Development

    I entered puberty much earlier than my fellow classmates and friends. This ultimately had no affect on me.
  • Adolescence: Physical/Biological Development

    During adolescence I was furthered my dancing activity into competivite dancing. I started dancing competitively and attending competitions, conventions, and national competitions.
  • Adolescence: Physical/Biological Development

    When involved with competitive dance I used a combination of my arms and legs for gross motor skills and my toes and feet to balance with fine motor skills.
  • Adolescence: Cognitive Development

    During this time I started comparing myself to others more often. For example, my body image as a whole and my skin (face).
  • Adolescence: Emotional Development

    Adolescence: Emotional Development
    Sternberg would describe the relationship between me and my boyfriend as commitment.
  • Doctors found a 2 inch tumor on my liver

  • Biopsy of liver tumor

  • Early Adulthood: Physical/Cognitive Development

    Early Adulthood: Physical/Cognitive Development
    As I entered early adulthood I continued dancing very intensively and also began to workout. Both of these activities makes me feel very accomplished and excited.
  • Early Adulthood: Physical/Biological Development

    Early Adulthood: Physical/Biological Development
    With intense dancing and working out I used gross motor skills such as, arms, legs, and big muscle groups to lift weights and carry my body throughout the dance. The fine skills I use are more focused balance with both fingers and toes.
  • Early Adulthood: Emotional Development

    Early Adulthood: Emotional Development
    Now that I am in early adulthood my closets relationship attachment style with my boyfriend would be anxious attachment for me and him both.
  • Early Adulthood: Emotional Development

    Early Adulthood: Emotional Development
    Sternberg would now describe my closet relationship with my boyfriend as commitment and intimacy.
  • Senior Fun Day

    Senior Fun Day
  • Made UAB Golden Girl team

    Made UAB Golden Girl team
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation