Alfred Howard A'BECKETT

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In History
  • Brittan declares war on Germany

    Germany attacked france this caused brittan to declare war.
  • Anzacs land in Gallipoli

  • ANZACS withdraw from Gallipoli

    within two days
  • Embarkment

    Alfred embarked in Northcote, Victoria. The ship he embarked on was the HMAT Port Melbourne A16
  • Injury to Back

    shortly into Alfred war career he was injured and he was put out of war for a little while
  • Went to france

    After Alfred made they army again he proceeded to france.
  • Sickness

    Alfred got sick and was transport through 3 different hospitals then was discharged from the army
  • Medically unfit

    he tryed to join again but he was discharged again due to being medically unfit. But this was after the war.
  • Period: to

    World War 1

  • Period: to

    Battle of Fromelles

    the 58th battalion participated in the battle of fromelles and close to half of the Battalion died to machiene guns.