8.3 CPR

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  • Frst identify the person requires CPR

    Because the process of CPR requires compression of such a extent that if a person did not need CPR their condition would be made worse(pdf 10)
  • Have someone call 911

    if there is a person available and not actively calling 911 or grabbing a AED point to someone or call someone out by name to get them to call 911
  • Procedure of 911

    CPR is 3 major points that can be remembered with CAB or compression, airway, breathing as all three are needed for successful CPR while the first two can be used to at least try to stabilize the victim
  • CPR on dummy

    As part of the lifeguard certification we had to practice CPR on a dummy under a time limit as in stated in the book (pdf 10) victims can cause brain damage in only a few minutes and die in 8-10. The dummy was much harder and stressful to practice on at first because adrenaline was not kicking in to push you to the point needed to get full depth compression at the correct beat rate (remember staying alive the Bee Gee's) and though it seems like it would be a simple process the breathing was hard