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  • Relationships are influenced

    Relationships are influenced by a few factors such as compatibility(pdf 5), communication(pdf 5), Honesty(pdf 6), Forgiveness(pdf 6), and ime(pdf 6)
  • Compatibility

    Relationships are influenced by compatibility as if two people are not compatible no matter how hard they try and have the other influences the relationship will fail.
  • communication

    communication is a influence to relationships as if there is no communication the two will slowly separate till there is no relationship
  • Time

    Even if every other part of the relationship is there time is needed to have content for the relationship as if there is not even time to say anything then there is no time for any other influences to happen
  • long term relationship

    friend and their boyfriend got into a relationship from having similar interests and giving each other each of the influences and then some they are married 8 years later and living in a small house in Brisbane Australia.