chinese dynasties

Timeline created by mlwchina
  • shang dynasty

    The shang dynasty was from 1600 BC- 1050 BC. The longest ruler was king Wu ding. Some inventions were china's first writing system, artifacts out of bronze, and also a calander based on the moon.
  • zhou dynasty

    This dynasty was from 1100 BC- 221 BC. An important ruler was Confucius and he founded for confucianism. Some inventions were Mandate of heaven which is something they believe in that heaven choses the next ruler. Also introduced iron to china, to replace bronze as the most popular metal.
  • Qin dynasty

    The years of this dynasty was 221 BC- 206 BC. Some inventions were that they built the great wall of china. IT also created a new system of money that all of china used.
  • Han dynasty

    The years of this dynasty were 205 BC- 220 AD. Some inventions were created many works of arts, literature, and history, paper, and the sundial. They also created the seismograph, and Accupuncture
  • Sui dynasty

    The years were 589 AD- 618 AD. Then some inventions and events were that they made the grand canal- which is a canal linking northern and southern china. They also made Buddhism popular.
  • Tang dynasty

    The years were 618 AD- 917 AD. Empress Wu is the only woman to become an emporer. Some events are conquered many lands, reformed the military, and created a new set of uniform laws.
  • Song dynasty

    The years were 960 AD- 1279 AD. Some inventions wer gunpowder, helped to create a vibrant social life with the spread of literature, paper money and created the 1st permanent navy.