Abstract Expression

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  • A German magazine has abstract cover art

    click here for more infoin the year 1919 a german magazine called "der sturm" or The Storm places abstract art on their cover through out the magazine stating german expression.
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    Abstract expression

    the tim place in which the subject took place
  • Arshilee Gorky

    click here for more infoIn 1922, Gorky enrolled in the New School of Design in Boston, eventually becoming a part-time instructor. During the early 1920s he was influenced by impressionism, although later in the decade he produced works that were more postimpressionist. During this time he was living in New York and was influenced by Paul Cézanne. In 1925 he was asked by Edmund Greacen of the Grand Central Art Galleries to teach at the Grand Central School of Art; Gorky accepted and remained with them until 1931[3]. In
  • german expression

    click here for more infoIn the USA, Alfred Barr was the first to use the term "German expression" in 1929 in relation to works by Wassily Kandinsky.
  • Barnett newman

  • Robert Coates aplies abstract art to america

  • Franz Cline

    click here for more info Kline's pictures often suggest broad, confident, quickly executed gestures reflecting the artist's spontaneous impulses. Yet Kline seldom worked that way. In the late 1940s, chancing to project some of his many drawings on the wall, he found that their lines, when magnified, gained abstraction and sweeping force.
  • Jason Pollock

    click here for more info It is a telling comment that gets to the heart of Pollock's authenticity as an artist." Lavender Mist about sums up his most ravishing, atmospheric painting....Pollock used the patterns caused by the separation and marbling of one enamel wet in another, the tiny black striations in the dusty pink, to produce an infinity of tones."
  • Jason Smith

    click here for more infoa sculptureist in the abstract expression
  • max weber

    click here for more infothe image to the right is of a sculpter studio by max weber
  • Alberto Burri

    [click for more info](www.griseldaonline.it/.../6allegro_foto18.htm Remove frame )