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  • Banning Sledding

    Banning Sledding
    Towns are trying to ban sledding because it is causing injuries. 20,000 kids a year are going to the emergency room because of sledding accidents. There are cities who have already made it illegal to go sledding like the town of Paxton, Illinois who removed their sledding hill.
  • Super Bowl Tickets

    Super Bowl Tickets
    Hundreds of fans didn't get to go to Super Bowl XLIX after brokers and resale sites promised on tickets that they already sold. People were paying thousands of dollars for tickets just to get a refund.
  • After Death, Fairfield Woman has Last Laugh

    After Death, Fairfield Woman has Last Laugh
    This is about a woman who died at the base of a mountain and wrote her own obituary saying she died because her dog ate her socks and boots. She did this as a joke and it fooled a lot of people.
  • S'mores Oreos

    S'mores Oreos
    This is about how Oreo is coming out with a new flavor of cookie called “S’mores Oreos”. There are graham cracker outside and chocolate and marshmallow creme inside. There is a leaked photo on the internet of what the box looks like.
  • Internet Addiction Treatment

    Internet Addiction Treatment
    This is about a 19-year-old chinese guy, Little Wang he is known as, who cut off his left hand in order to end his addiction to the internet. He left his hand on the bench where he cut it off and then took a taxi to the hospital where they reattached it. He may not gain total control back.