Emma and Stukey

Timeline created by emmawhaddup
  • Track star Gender Bender

    Track star Gender Bender
    The IAAF asked her to take a gender verification exam. They confirmed nor denied when the test were underway. They took a sample of cellular matter through a cheek swab. To look at chromosome heromonal patterns.
  • Grandma Attacks

    Grandma Attacks
    This womans grand daughter started stripping at 15. When a newscrew came to question her, she attacked them with a hoe when she answered the door.
  • Bleeding eyes kid

    Bleeding eyes kid
    This boy started crying blood for no real reason. He went to a different doctors to find out what was wrong, but none of them knew.
  • Dad hits kid

    Dad hits kid
    A man hit his child over and over again at Walmmart and was caught on camera.
  • BIgfoot is REAL

    BIgfoot is REAL
    A guy thought he had Big Foot on film.
  • Kanye Interrupts

    Kanye Interrupts
    Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift when she won an award for best female music video.
  • Women had huge branch in her soilder

    Women had huge branch in her soilder
    She was goin on a trip with her husband and a huge branch fell from a tree and impaled her but didnt kill her.
  • Cops have a wii bit of fun

    Cops have a wii bit of fun
    A group of cops were supposed to be searching a houe for a drug bust, but were playing wii bowling instead.
  • Jon, your fired

    Jon, your fired
    they fired jon from jon and kate plus 8.
  • Micro pigs

    Micro pigs
    Micro pigs are tiny pigs that people keep as pets. Because pigs are only cute when theyre little.
  • Baby > Train

    Baby > Train
    A baby rolled in front of a train while in its stroller and was run over but livved.
  • Honda Uniciycle

    Honda Uniciycle
    Honda is now making a unicycle, bout to get one.
  • girl got raped for 2 hours

    She was at school during richmond and there was a gang rape for 2 hours before the cops came. aye.
  • sneezing girl

    sneezing girl
    Girl can stop sneezing, it started when she had a cold.
  • Treeman

    Treeman is getting better now from this new treatment.
  • Dating in the dark

    Dating in the dark
    when you meet people in a dark room, so there isnt the preijudice of looks.