2.1.5 Programming Language Timeline

Timeline created by tannerc12
  • plankul

    created by Konrad Zuse and its Purpose was to help solve complex math problems
  • fortran

    Created by John Backus IBM
    the Purpose was to assist in scientific and engineering applications
    name derived from formula translation

    Created by Charles Katz
    the Purpose was to be an improvement over FORTRAN
  • Lisp

    Created by John McCarthy, Steve Russell, Timothy P. Hart, and Mike Levin
    Purpose was to be a practical mathematical notation for computer programs
    name derive from list processing

    Created by Grace Hopper, William Selden, Gertrude Tierney, Howard Bromberg, Howard
    the Purpose was to be the primary domain in business, finance, and administrative systems for companies and governments.
    name means Common Business-Oriented Language
  • RPG

    Created by IBM
    Purpose was to replicate punched card processing on the IBM 1401
    name means Report Program Generator

    Created John George Kemeny and Thomas Eugene Kurtz at Dartmouth College
    Purpose was to provide computer access to non-science students
    name is from Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
  • LOGO

    Created by Wally Feurzeig, Seymour Papert
    Purpose was to aid in constructivist teaching
  • B

    Created by Ken Thompson, with contributions from Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs
    Purpose was to fit within the memory capacity of the minicomputers of the time

    Created by Niklaus Wirth
    Purpose was to encourage good programming practices using structured programming and data structuring.
  • C

    Purpose was to address B's inability to take advantage of some of the PDP-11's features, notably byte addressability
  • ML

    Created by Robin Milner and others at the University of Edinburgh
    Purpose was to develop proof tactics in the LCF theorem prover
    name means Metalanguage
  • SQL

    Created by Donald D. Chamberlin, Raymond F. Boyce
    Purpose was to manage data in relational database management systems.
    name means Structured Query Language
  • ADA

    Created Jean Ichbiah of CII Honeywell Bull under contract to the United States Department of Defense
    Purpose was to supersede the hundreds of programming languages then used by the Department of Defense
  • C++

    Created by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs
    Purpose was to enhance the C language with andvanced features
  • Delphi

    Created by Apple, Niklaus Wirth, Anders Hejlsberg
    Purpose was to support MacApp, an expandable Macintosh application framework
  • Python

    Created by Guido van Rossum
    Purpose was to create clear and readable code
  • visual basic

    Created Microsoft
    Purpose was to be relatively easy to learn and use
  • Javascript

    Created Brendan Eich, now Mozilla Foundation
    Purpose: To create enhanced user interfaces and dynamic websites
  • Java

    Created by James Gosling and Sun Microsystems
    Purpose was to let application developers "write once, run anywhere" (WORA), meaning that code that runs on one platform does not need to be recompiled to run on another
  • PHP

    Created by Rasmus Lerdorf
    Purpose was to produce dynamic Web pages
    name means Hypertext Preprocessor