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  • 1940 Sports

    1940 Sports
    Dring the 1940s Wold War II had an enormous impact on Major League Baseball as many players including many of the most successful stars joined the war effort. second half of the 1940s was the signing of jackie robinson for
  • 1940 World War II

    1940 World War II
    1940 was dominated by World War II.
  • fashion

    Two piece bikinis became popular in the 40s. the women wore berets (a one pieceround,flat,french inspired hat that sat directly on top or angled off the side. Shoes were usually made of velvet, mesh, reptile skins and even all wood (logs) in the 40s since leather was neede foe world war 2. women wore short and thick heels in the early 40s and slightly thinner in the late 40s. The later shoes were called "PUMPS."
  • 1940's Famous People

    1940's Famous People
    Adolf Hitler, Dictator of Germany during the 1940.
    President Franklin D. Roosevelt,
  • 1940 Fads

    1940 Fads
    Some of the fads where Betty Boop, Drive-in theater, Pea shooters, bubble gum blowing contests, Board games, Dance marathons,Stoop ball, Trolls.
  • 1940 Hairstyles

    1940 Hairstyles
    The peek-a-Boo Bang it was part to one side and hide one eye and curled at the bottom.
    Top Reverse Roll- you curle it with pins away from face.
  • Dresses

    They got shorter by the late 40s and colorful.
  • 1940 Religous Leader

    1940 Religous Leader
    Mohandas Gandhi,Raoul Wallenberg 1944, Muhammed Ali Jinhah 1944 were all strong relious leaders that fought for their religion.
  • 1949 Famous People

    1949 Famous People
    Mao Zedong-proclaiming the establishment of the peoples Republic in 1949.