evolution of early humans

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  • Homo Habilis 1.8 to 1.6 million B.C.

    Homo Habilis 1.8 to 1.6 million B.C.
    Physical Characteristics- slim hips for walking, Disproportional long arms, short, "Handy man", half the brain size of a modern human Habitat- lived in the savanna plains and the woodlands of south and east Africa, and also near lakes and rivers Culture- known as "the handy man" or "skillfull person", first found in East Africa, capable of adapting to climate better, more like humans than australopithecus
  • Homo Habilis- 1.8 to 1.6 million B.C.

    Homo Habilis- 1.8 to 1.6 million B.C.
    Tools- made tools out of stones, Stone Flakes, " Oldowan tools" were tools made out of pebbles by knocking of the flakes of the face and sharpening the edges, used to cleave meat Food- fruits, nuts, vegatables that they could find growing in the wild, and also since they had some tools they would eat whatever meat they could catch but they were not capable of making fire.
  • Australopithecus 3.3 -1.8 million BCE

    Australopithecus 3.3 -1.8 million BCE
    Physical Characteristics-- Omnivores, small canine teeth, men were 1.5 meters tall, women were 1-1.2 meters tall, Habitat-- Live in Africa- Savanah land, The oldest evidence is in Laetoli in Northeastern Tanzania,
  • Australopithecus 3.3-1.8 million BCE

    Australopithecus 3.3-1.8 million BCE
    Tools-made tools out of stone, they used their tools like chimps did because they are very close to a chimp and a gorilla, Food- mainly ate fruits, vegetables, leaves, and tubers Culture- Found in East and Noth Africa, mostly in open eviroments like woodlands or grasslands to hunt for food,
  • Neanderthal

    culture- traveled from place to place to hunt for food, never seperated, they didnt inbreed, starting to learn to interact with one another, trading became popular tools-made tools out of animal bones like rats, ferrets, bison, foxes, bears and big cats, spears, clubs, neanderthal tools were considered "Mousterian" which is a kit of stone flake tools.
  • Neanderthal-

    habitat-lived in cold climates, the Ice Age Glaciers in Europe, their body adapted to the cold weather quickly, some even lived in caves or made their own shelter food- hunted animals some were risky and would get them selves injured just to kill the animals for food, they also would either cook the bones or meat or some would eat it raw, also some would even eat baked tortoise, physical characteristics- very muscular, brain size was very similar to a modern human,intelligent, short,stocky
  • Homo Erectus-1.8-1 Million Years Ago

    Homo Erectus-1.8-1 Million Years Ago
    Physical Characteristics- more like modern humans, body and brain size increase, Tools- used the same tools the Homo Habilis did but then created a handaxe which had blades on both sides not just one, bow and arrow, and spear Culture- First found in Africa, and also the first hominids to migrate from Africa to Europe, the "Upright Man", were capable of making fire and more tools, and hunting for meat, and were the first to travel over oceans using rafts
  • Homo Erectus-1.6-1 Million Years Ago

    Homo Erectus-1.6-1 Million Years Ago
    Habitat- First found in Africa then migrated to Asia and then to Europe, Food-omnivore, rodents, birds, insects, small amphibians, fruits, nuts, roots, and seeds.
  • Cro Magnon-40,000 years ago

    Cro Magnon-40,000 years ago
    culture-Named after a cave in France, where the first specimen was found, "Early Modern Humans" instead of Cro Magnon, they painted in caves with manganese and iron oxides, created the first calender. food- Omnivorous, they ate deer, rabbit, reindeer, foxes, horses, grain, wild carrots, beets, onion, turnip habitat-traveled all over hunting for food, most lived in plains or valleys,
  • Cro Magnon-40,000 Years Ago

    Cro Magnon-40,000 Years Ago
    Tools-Knives, chisels, drills, and harpoons, most tools had handles, Used tools for hunting for food, making food, other tools and also clothing, made huts, Physical Characteristics-Males 1.8m tall, Females 1.65m tall, Very closely related to chimpanzees and bonobos, starting looking alot like modern humans, high foreheads and pointed chins, rounded skulls